The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Ages, What was The Character’s Ages In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned PrettyThe story is based upon the plot of the trilogy. It follows a 16 year-old Isabel “Belly” ConklinShe spends her summers in the fictional coastal town of Cousins BeachHer mother, her mother’s older brother, her mother’s childhood best friends, and her two sons. ConradAnd Jeremiah. AsThe summer is over BellyThe brothers become entangled in a love affair.RelationshipsYou will be tested, and painful truths will be revealed. Belly’sYour life will change forever. It’s a summer of first love, first heartbreak, and maturation — it’s the summer she blossoms “TheOfficial Show Title Page Prime Video reads.

Cast Of The Summer I Turned Pretty

Here is the list of the cast and their character’s names in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Cast  Character 
Lola Tung Isabel “Belly” Conklin
Jackie Chung Laurel Dunn
Rachel Blanchard Susannah “Beck” Fisher
Christopher Briney Conrad “Con”/”Connie” Fisher
Gavin Casalegno Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher
Sean Kaufman Steven Conklin
Alfredo Narciso Cleveland
Minnie Mills Shayla
Colin Ferguson John Conklin
Tom Everett Scott Adam Fisher
Summer Madison Nicole
David Iacono Cam
Rain Spencer Taylor

The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Ages

Here is the list of the cast’s age in The Summer I Turned PrettyTelevision series.

Cast  Age 
Lola Tung 19 years old
Jackie Chung 60 years old
Rachel Blanchard 46 years of age
Christopher Briney Early 20s
Gavin Casalegno 22 years old
Sean Kaufman Early 20s
Alfredo Narciso 36 years old
Minnie Mills 20 years old
Colin Ferguson 49 years old
Tom Everett Scott 51 years old
Summer Madison Early 20s
David Iacono Early 20s
Rain Spencer Early 20s

The Summer I Turned Pretty Character Ages

Here is the list of character’s ages in The Summer I Turned PrettyTV Series.

Character  Age 
Isabel “Belly” Conklin 16 years old
Laurel Dunn 35+
Susannah “Beck” Fisher 35+
Conrad “Con”/”Connie” Fisher 17-year-old
Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher 16 years old
Steven Conklin 18 years old
Cleveland Ages 30+
Shayla 16 years old
John Conklin 40+ Years Old
Adam Fisher 35+
Nicole 16-18 years of age
Cam 16 years old
Taylor 16 years old

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast AgesFAQs

1. HowIn the belly is old The Summer I Turned Pretty?

TheSeries, based upon the first book in Jenny Han’s best-selling Y.A. trilogy, follows 16-year-old Isabel “Belly” Conklin over her first post-pubescent summer at Cousins Beach, a fictional spot that’s essentially a platonic ideal of an a New EnglandShore town.

2. Is ConradOr Jeremiah older?

InThe pilot book in the trilogy. BellyArrives at CousinsFor another summer with SusannahHer two sons, the eldest, and her husband. ConradThe younger one is the best Jeremiah.

3. Where was The Summer I Turned Pretty filmed?

The Summer I Turned Pretty wasFilmed at Wilmington, North Carolina

4. HowMuch older is ConradMore than belly?

ConradIt has been shown to be quite protective Belly at times.

5. WhyDid ConradBreak up with BellyAt prom?

It wasHe uses it as a means of protecting himself. ButAlso, it is a way to protect BellyHe thinks he will take the pain of his mother’s death on himself. That’sWhat ITry to think differently. IHe should feel sorry for his mom’s death, but he could still have fought harder. Belly.

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