The Takedown Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marchal?

‘The Takedown’ (French: ‘Loin du périph’) follows Paris crime division chief Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and his longtime buddy and former police associate, François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), on the path of a grisly homicide. The sequel to ‘On the Other Side of the Tracks’ (French: ‘De l’autre côté du périph’) as soon as once more sees Ousmane and François on a convoluted mission and this time, it takes them to the French countryside.

An ominous city, a mysterious drug, and the ugly homicide of a younger man all add as much as an entertaining caper. Things get fairly bushy close to the tip, so let’s take a better have a look at ‘The Takedown’ ending and see what goes down. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Takedown Plot Synopsis

The movie opens with crime division chief Ousmane apprehending a brutish legal after wrestling him into submission. His boss isn’t impressed by Ousman’s ways, which end in viral movies of him preventing the legal. However, the Paris police division wants some good PR so the cumbersome, good-natured police chief is requested to be the brand new face of the police power. Ousmane declines and is quickly referred to as to the practice station, the place a gruesomely mutilated physique has been found.

The Takedown Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marchal?

At the crime scene, Ousmane runs into his previous associate, François. Despite the 2 having a falling out years in the past, François insists on coming together with Ousman, and the 2 head to French provinces close to Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. Arriving within the small city, the 2 Paris police officers are picked up by Alice of the native police power. Ousmane takes an instantaneous liking to Alice and flirts together with her at the same time as their investigation into the loss of life of Kevin Marchal continues.

It is quickly found that Kevin manufactured and bought medication. A troublesome brawl with a former buyer of Kevin’s additionally leads Ousmane to appreciate that Kevin’s medication numb its shopper to ache. As the 2 law enforcement officials dig additional, a connection to the city’s extremist right-wing mayor, Antoine Brunner, begins to emerge. Ousmane and François finally comply with the politician to a secret assembly the place the latter is planning a coordinated assault on mosques, shelter houses, and different areas that host minorities. François distracts the roaring crowd whereas Ousmane collects their weapons and will get into a short tussle with Alice, who seems to be on the Mayor’s facet.

The Takedown Ending: How Did Kevin Marchal Die? Who Killed Him?

An epic and chaotic battle ensues between the 2 law enforcement officials from Paris and the Mayor’s right-wing militia. Antoine tries to get away and makes it to an immigrant shelter prewired with explosives. He detonates the bomb however there aren’t any casualties. Ultimately, Ousmane and François arrest the Mayor and reveal the conspiracy. Predictably, it’s their boss that will get the credit score.

The Takedown Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marchal?
Image Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

The movie then closes with François as the brand new face of the Paris police PR marketing campaign, which Ousmane shortly begins making enjoyable of. The movie ends with the 2 referred to as to the highest of the Eiffel Tower for his or her subsequent case, the place they promptly start chasing after a suspect.

The loss of life of 28-year-old Kevin Marchal units off the thriller however is rarely utterly solved. The prime half of the younger man’s physique is discovered wedged on a practice whereas the underside half is discovered within the countryside. Ousmane subsequently figures out that Kevin was shot after which fell off a bridge whereby he bought mutilated by the electrical wires. However, the id of the shooter stays a thriller. Later, an incriminating gun is discovered within the locker of a just lately killed nightclub bouncer named Carl Muller. For a time, it seems to be just like the case is solved. However, Ousmane stays suspicious of the broader group, the Sons of Clovis, of which Carl was a member. The police chief causes that the gun may have simply been positioned in Carl’s locker.

Ultimately, the person who shot Kevin is rarely discovered. However, the shooter is most certainly a member of the Sons of Clovis. Considering a lot of the group’s members, together with its chief  Antoine Brunner, is arrested, it’s possible that Kevin’s killer is in custody. However, we can’t know for sure. Since Ousmane by no means bothers to make his alternate concept recognized to his superiors, Kevin’s killer continues to be Carl Muller based on official information.

What Happens to Alice? Is She Dead or Alive?

One of the massive reveals on the finish is that Ousmane’s love curiosity, Alice, is definitely a sympathizer of the Mayor and helps the Sons of Clovis. After a tussle with Ousmane, she is briefly handcuffed however manages to flee. She then helps Antoine escape however is severely injured in a subsequent automobile crash.

The Takedown Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marchal?

In the tip, Alice survives however is final seen in a neck brace, being taken to the hospital. It stays unspecified whether or not she is arrested or not. Considering she is caught making an attempt to assist the disgraced Mayor who’s taken into custody, it’s possible that Alice can also be arrested after she recovers from her accidents.

Why Does François Have an Acting Job within the End?

François will get a becoming if fairly sudden reward on the finish of the film. As he watches his superior being interviewed on tv in regards to the occasions involving the Sons of Clovis, the police officer grumbles that the true individuals who do the work by no means get interviewed. In response, Ousmane seemingly places ahead François as the brand new face of the Paris police division’s PR marketing campaign.

The Takedown Ending, Explained: Who Killed Marchal?

This is a gig initially provided to Ousmane himself, who turns it down as a result of he thinks the police division mainly desires a “pleasant Black face” for his or her marketing campaign. However, he’s more than pleased to cross on the highlight to François. As a outcome, François turns into the (over) enthusiastic central actor of a largescale police recruitment marketing campaign. He lastly finds himself in entrance of the digital camera and, although they’re enacted, energetically takes half in a number of legal apprehension eventualities.

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