ThoroughCare Raises $3M in Funding

ThoroughCare, Inc., Pittsburgh- A PA-based integrated care management software platform that allows healthcare providers deliver value-based services, raised $3m in funding.

TheThe investment was made by Cypress Growth Capital.

TheCompany plans to use the funds to increase growth through platform technology enhancements and expand business development efforts into new market segments. It also intends to nurture customer success initiatives.

LedBy Dan Godla, Founder & CEO, ThoroughCareProvides digital care coordination solutions to more than 600 health clinics, physician practices, and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. United States. ItsSoftware, analytics, and mobile apps are designed to support a holistic continuum of care for patients and practices that thrive. OrganizationsThe SaaS platform can be used to create personalized health experiences, improve value-based care delivery, and identify the best actions in critical moments.



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