My Tinder Matches Disappeared (Why and How to Fix it?)

My tinder matches vanished! Tinder can be frustrating if you are matched with a pretty girl. Because the Tinder match has disappeared, you won’t be able to see her anymore once you look at your match list. This article will help you fix that.

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My Tinder Matches Disappeared!

Your match list may have disappeared for a variety of reasons. One reason is your phone not connecting to the app. You can try to log out of the app, then reopen it. This will reconnect the connection and allow you to send messages again.

Also, it is a good idea check your data plan. If possible, try switching from WiFi to cellular data. Rebooting your phone can resolve most problems. You can try rebooting your phone to fix the problem. If that fails, contact Tinder technical support. To resolve the problem, you can search the last text of your match. 

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Your matches could have disappeared if you delete your account or end the match. This can be especially frustrating if you only have a few people communicating with you. There are several ways to get rid of your account if you don’t know where to start.

Are you still having problems? Re-download the app, or wait for a new version to arrive.

How do I fix my Tinder Matches That Have disappeared?

Tinder will show matches when they are in your list. You may have server problems if your matches suddenly disappear. Restart your phone to refresh your match list.

Your problem might be solved by rebooting your phone. Tinder sometimes accidentally deletes matches. You might also accidentally delete old messages or swipe left on their names. There are many ways to retrieve lost conversations.

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It is best to create a brand new account and then delete the old one. This isn’t difficult. Your phone may be showing an incorrect version of the app if you don’t see your matches in the match queue. Logging out of the app is a good option in this situation. This should resolve your problem. You can also look for another app. To ensure that your relationship is strong, you can ask your match for their phone number or social media account. You can also call them to check if they have not responded within a few minutes.

How to get your Tinder Match back

Don’t panic if you’re not matched with someone on Tinder recently. There are many ways to get your match again on Tinder. Although many people won’t match someone after one date with them, it is not always true.

These are the most common reasons Tinder matches may have ended up disconnected. These are some tips to help you get your Tinder match back.

  • Log out of Tinder You might not be able find your contacts because the app may have been logged out. Logging out of the app is the best way to try again. If the match isn’t returned within a reasonable time, it will not work.
  • Re-upload your profile photo. Sometimes, your match might disappear if you delete your profile. You can upload a new profile picture to make your match appear in your card stack. This will allow you to get your match back. Remember to upload a new profile picture. Uploading a profile photo and profile image is important. Your Tinder match should then appear in the cards stack.

Now you’re aware of what to do if your tinder matches vanish. It’s time for the Bonus.

The Big Bonus: Fixing Tinder Not Working on Device

If you haven’t used your phone in a while, you might also want to clear the cache and data. This will free up more space for Tinder. You should also check your device for new updates.

The servers might be down, which could also explain why Tinder isn’t functioning. It is possible that the app will be unavailable for up to 24 hours. This will free up memory on the device and close any background programs that may be causing the problem. You should also disable VPNs that you use to connect to the internet. Strangely, even if you don’t use a VPN to connect to the internet, you can still turn it on and watch how it reacts.

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