Today’s ‘Canuckle’ 95 May 15, 2022 Answer – Hints and Solution

HereIs the CanuckleAnswer today andThese are some tips to help you #95word, released on May 15, 2022.

CanuckleIs the CanadianVersion of WordleWhere all the words are Canadian-themed. TheThe rules of the game are identical. Players must guess the five-letter word without any clues. OnceAfter you have made a guess, the tiles change colour to let your know if the letters that you have guessed are in fact there andIf you have placed them correctly in your word.

Canuckle - How To Play
Canuckle – How To Play

TheThe colours are slightly different with only the bright red replacing green to show that you have the correct letter in the right place. BothThe yellow colour is the most common of all the other colours. andGrey, which indicates whether the letter is in the word. ThereIt is also a fun fact that you get when you guess the answer andYou can see all the fun facts being added to, on their website. Twitter account, @CanuckleGame.

WeWe will be covering the answers and letting you know fun facts at the bottom of the puzzle.

Canuckle 95 Hints Today – May 15, 2022

AsWe have some tips for you. Canuckle 95To help you solve it, these are:

Hint 1: ContainsThe letter K.
Hint 2: ItIt all starts with the letter T.
Hint 3: ThereToday, there is only one vowel.
Hint4: A rough road or path, usually one that is beaten by the user rather than being constructed.

WhatIs the Canuckle 95 Answer Today? (May 15th, 2022)

HereThat’s how I solved the question. Canuckle 95Today’s four guesses are below. I started with the word ‘MAPLE’ which showed me that there is an A in the answer, but it had not been placed in the correct position.

I then guessed the word ‘STAIN’ as it puts the A in a different position andUses letters that are not yet known. ThisWord correctly placed the A and also showed me that there is a T in this word.

I thought that there could still be another vowel in the word, so I guessed the word ‘GOATY’ next as this word places the T in a different position andOther letters than those previously guessed are also used, including an O. ThisUnfortunately word did not reveal any other letters within the word, nor did it correctly place the T.

I hadn’t tried to guess a word with the T at the start, so looking at the letters that were left, I guessed the word that was the answer to Canuckle 95, which is…


Daily Canuckle Answer - 15th May 2022
Daily Canuckle Answer – 15th May 2022

Canuckle Fun Fact Today – (05/15/2022)

TheToday’s fun fact is:

Canada’s best summer OlympicSport is running, hurdles and high jump. and other track & field events. CanadaSince 1900, has won 66 medals in the athletics, including 17 gold and 17 silver. and 33 bronze.

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