Today’s ‘Crosswordle’ 116 May 15, 2022 Answer – Word Puzzle Solutions

HereThis is the solution to your problems Crosswordle 116Today’s words, released on May 15, 2022.

CrosswordleIt is similar to WordleYou are given the answer but must work backwards to find the words that could have been used to complete the puzzle. YouYou will be given a grid to fill in.

TheThe colour of the tiles indicates which letters are possible to be placed in them. Green tiles signify the letter in the answer and are in the same spot. YellowAny letter can be used in the solution so long as it’s not in the same place as the solution. GreyIt must be a letter not appearing in the answer. These letters cannot also appear in the row below or above.

Crosswordle- How to Play
Crosswordle- HowTo Play

This game is harder than it appears, but don’t worry as we’ll be back every day with the answers so you can see what words we used to help you complete your puzzle. BecauseMultiple words could have been used due to the nature and difficulty of the puzzle game. We will provide a solution every day.

WhatIs the Crosswordle 116 Answer Today? (May 15, 2022)

The Crosswordle 116Today’s puzzle requires you to fill out five words instead the usual three word puzzles released on weekdays. The word we are given at the bottom of the grid is ‘Steam’ and there are two green tiles in the row above, which have to be S and T. ThereThere is also a yellow row tile that can be either an A or a M, but due to the beginning of the word, it will have to be the A.

TheFourth row has one green tile, which must be an S. ThereThere are two yellow tiles in this row. The third letter will be a T, and the other tile will be the A. TheThird row has two yellow tiles. These can be any letter in the coloured-tiles, as long as the letter is not repeated within the column.

ThereThe top two rows are made up of all grey tiles. This means that letters from these rows cannot be used elsewhere. HereThese are the words that I used in order to complete the task Crosswordle 116 puzzle today:

  • 1st Word – GYNNY
  • 2nd Word – CURCH
  • 3rd Word – BOOST
  • 4th Word – SATIS
  • 5th Word – STALL
Daily Crosswordle 116 Answer - 15th May 2022
Daily Crosswordle 116 Answer – 15th May 2022

HereHere are some alternatives words you could have used:

  • 1st Word – CHUCK
  • 2nd Word – VIGIL
  • 3rd Word – BOOTS
  • 4th Word – SATYR
  • 5th Word – STAND
Daily Crosswordle 116 Answer - 15th May 2022
Daily Crosswordle 116 Answer – 15th May 2022

WellIf you were close to the problem or could solve it. Crosswordle yourself!

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