Today’s ‘Crosswordle’ 118 May 17, 2022 Answer – Word Puzzle Solutions

HereThe answer is in the Crosswordle 118Words for today, released by May 17, 2022.

CrosswordleIt is similar to WordleIn that you are given the answer, you must look backwards to see if there are any words you could have used in order to solve the puzzle. YouYou will be given a grid to fill in.

TheThe colour of the tiles indicates the letters that can go in them. Green tiles are for the answer. YellowAny letter can be included in the solution, provided it is not in the exact same position as the solution. GreyYou cannot include a letter in the answer if it is not there.

Crosswordle- How to Play
Crosswordle- HowTo Play

This game is harder than it appears, but don’t worry as we’ll be back every day with the answers so you can see what words we used to help you complete your puzzle. BecauseMultiple words could have been used due to the nature and difficulty of the puzzle game. We will provide a solution every day.

WhatThe Crosswordle 118 Answer Today? (May 17, 2022)

The Crosswordle 118Today’s puzzle requires you to fill out three words instead the five word puzzles normally released on weekends. The word we are given at the bottom of the puzzle is ‘flier’.

HereThese are the words that I used in order to complete the task Crosswordle 118 puzzle today:

  • 1st Word – LOBBY
  • 2nd Word – SMELT
  • 3rd Word – PIXEL
Daily Crosswordle 117 - 16th May 2022
Daily Crosswordle 117 – 16th May 2022

HereThere are many other words that you could have substituted for these:

  • 1st Word – EXAMS
  • 2nd Word – OVERT
  • 3rd Word – GRUEL
Daily Crosswordle 117 - 17th May 2022
Daily Crosswordle 117 – 17th May 2022

WellDo it if you were close to or succeeded in solving the problem Crosswordle yourself!

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