Today’s Daily Jumble in Color answer (May 7, 2022)

It’s no secret that classic scrambled word games offer brain-teasing fun, and that’s why they have seen exponential growth over the past few years. Daily Jumble in ColorOne of these puzzle games is very popular.

AsAs the name suggests, players will need to use their brains to solve multiple words by arranging random letters. AfterPlayers must decode the word and use them to solve the final phrase within a given time. If you’re having a hard time deciphering today’s Daily Jumble in Color answer, we’re here to help them out with the solution.

Today’s Daily Jumble in Color Answer

Today's Daily Jumble in Color Answer

Here’s the answer for each word of today’s Daily Jumble in Color:

  • AnswerPMEOT — TEMPO
  • AnswerLOYMD  MOLDY

Final Answer

AfterAfter solving the jumble puzzles above, you will have these letters for the final word.

  • Solution for EMLDLROOL — ROLL MODEL


HereThese are the steps to play Daily Jumble in Color:

  • FirstlyGo to the official site of the puzzle and click “on”. Play button.
  • ClickPlease refer to the following letters inThey must be rearranged in the correct order.
  • RepeatAll four words can be found in the above step.
  • FinallyRe-arrange the circled letter to decode last phrase of game.

EachLetter inAn answerThis value is 20 points WhenYou solve an answer inYour score multiplayer will increase by 5x within the first 30 seconds. IfIf a player presses the HINT button during play, the game will subtract 15 points from your total score. ThereforeSolve the puzzle quickly to show off your high scores inFront of others.

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