Today’s ‘Dordle’ 122 May 26, 2022 Answers – Hints and Solutions

HereThese are the Dordle#word answers today122Today, released May 26, 2022.

DordleThis is a slightly harder version of WordlePlayers must guess not just one, but two five letter words to complete this puzzle. There are no hints as to what the words could be at first, but once you’ve made a guess, the tiles will change colour, indicating whether you guessed a letter that appears in the word andWhether you correctly placed the letter.

WordleTo correctly guess a word, it takes six guesses DordleIt takes seven guesses in order to correctly guess the words for the day. This makes it more difficult because you only get one more guess for guessing two words rather than six for guessing one. YouYou can play the game however many times you like, but we recommend that you try to guess the vowels in as few guesses as possible to build a solid foundation.

Dordle Words Hints Today (May 26, 2022)

Some DordlePuzzles can be more difficult than others. Here are some tips to help you solve them. Dordle #122Today’s words.

Hint 1: ThereThere are no common letters within the DordleToday’s words.
Hint 2: ThereIs there a vowel in the first sentence? andTwo letters in the second (one repeated).
Hint 3: TheThe letter begins the first word B andThe second begins with a P.
Hint 4: TheFirst word means to grow thickly. TheSecond DordleWord is an animal.

WhatThe Dordle 122 Answer Today? (May 26th, 2022)

HereThese are the Dordle 122Answers today:

  • 1st Dordle 122 Word – BUSHY
  • 2nd Dordle 122 Word – PANDA
Daily Dordle 122 Answer - 26th May 2022
Daily Dordle 122 Answer – 26th May 2022

WellIf you were able to correctly guess one or both words, it is done!

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