Today’s Geography ‘Worldle’ Country Answer 118: Map Game May 19, 2022 Solution

HereThese are some suggestions and the answers. WorldleToday’s release: 118 May 19th, 2022.

Worldle Another WordleThis is a game that was inspired by the movie “The Game of Thrones”, but it requires you to guess the country and territory for the day. The game’s default mode shows you the outline of the country and gives you six guesses to solve the answer. WhenIf you make a guess that isn’t correct, you will be told how far the country you guessed is from the answer. Also, the direction you should look.

If you would like a more difficult challenge, try one of two other modes, both of which can be found in the game’s settings and will affect the next puzzle. TheFirst, you can remove the entire image of the country and leave it up to you to guess. YourGuesses will still tell you how far you are from the actual country, and which direction you must travel to find it. This allows you to make better educated guesses moving forward.

The other option rotates the country’s image, so it may appear upside down or sideways on the map, but you won’t know which way it is. This will confuse you and make guessing the country a bit more challenging.

Worldle Geography Game 118 Hints Today – May 19, 2022

We like to give our readers hints as to what the country might be before we give you the answer to help you if you’re stuck.

HereThis is what the country/territorium looks like for the Worldle 118 puzzle today:

Daily Worldle Country 118 - May 19th 2022
Daily Worldle Country 118 – May 19th 2022

HereThese are the clues we have about the WorldleToday (May 19th, 2022).

Hint 1: ItIt is located in Europe.
Hint 2: ThereThere are seven letters in the country’s name.
Hint 3: ItIt is well-known for its castles.
Hint 4: TheThis is the first letter of the country. C.

WhatThe Worldle 118 Country Answer Today? (May 19th, 2022)

TheAnswer to the Worldle 118 country today is…


Daily Worldle Country 118 Answer - May 19th 2022
Daily Worldle Country 118 Answer – May 19th 2022

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WellIf you were able to guess the country today, congratulations!

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