Today’s ‘Octordle’ 111 May 15, 2022 Answers – Hints and Solutions (5/15/22)

HereThis is the solution andThese are some tips to help you get started. Octordle#Speak up111Today, released May 15, 2022.

OctordleThis is a challenging game where players must simultaneously guess eight five-letter words, while only having thirteen guesses. TheThe game functions in the same way. WordleThere are no clues that will help you guess the words. However the tiles will change colour once you have correctly identified the word.

TheIf you have correctly guessed the letters, colours will tell you. andIf they are in the correct sequence. ThereThere is no correct or wrong way to play this game. We recommend that you only attempt to guess words using the majority of letters of the alphabet. ThisThis will allow you to quickly identify which letters are in each word, so you can quickly solve the words and efficiently.

Octordle - How to Play
Octordle – HowTo Play

AsThis puzzle is difficult, but we have some tips to help you if it isn’t easy. All of these hints can be found below.

Octordle 111 Words Hints Today (May 15, 2022)

HereThese are the clues that we have for all eight words Octordle 111 today.

Hint 1: ThereIs an F in words 3 and 7.
Hint 2: ThereIs it a K in words 4 and 5.
Hint 3: ThereIs it a Y in words 1, 4 and 8.
Hint 4: ThereIs it a C in words 1 and 2.
Hint 5: Thereis a repeated letter in words 5 and 7.
Hint 6: ThereThere are no double letters in any word.
Hint 7: HereThese are the beginning letters of each word:

  • Word 1: C
  • Word 2: S
  • Word 3: F
  • Word 4: L
  • Word 5: S
  • Word 6: S
  • Word 7: M
  • Word 8: M

Hint 8: HereThis is a brief description or clue to all the words:

  • Word 1: TriteWhether you are banal or mawkishly sentimental
  • Word2: A person who can tolerate pain or hardship without complaining.
  • Word 3: AnArtificial channel for conveying water, used primarily to transport logs or timber.
  • Word 4: HavingA leak or leaking.
  • Word5: A cat-sized Americanmammal of the Weasel family, with distinct black-colored markingsand-White striped fur WhenThreatened, it sprays a fine spray from its anal glands toward its attacker.
  • Word6: A large number fish swimming together.
  • Word 7: AnOrganized international criminal organization, originally operating in Sicily andThis is a great time to be in Italy andThe US andComplex tasks are not easy andA strict code of conduct
  • Word 8: Soft and pulpy.

WhatThe Octordle 111 Answer Today? (5/15/22)

HereAll the answers are here Octordle 111Today’s release May 15th, 2022:

  • Word 1: CORNY
  • Word 2: STOIC
  • Word 3: FLUME
  • Word 4: LEAKY
  • Word 5: SKUNK
  • Word 6: SHOAL
  • Word 7: MAFIA
  • Word 8: MUSHY

YouSee the image below to see how I came up with the words.

Daily Octordle 111 Answer - 15th May 2022
Daily Octordle 111 Answer – 15th May 2022

WellIf you have managed to get all or part of the OctordleToday’s words

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