Today’s ‘Sedecordle’ 102 May 26, 2022 Answers – 16 Word Game Hints and Solutions (5/26/22)

(*16*)HereAre the solutions? andHere are some tips for the Sedecordle#words102Today, released May 26, 2022(*16*).

(*16*)SedecordleThis game is quite new and is based on the same idea as Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, and Octordle. InInstead of guessing one, two, four, eight, or eight words, players must guess this game. 16Words in one! YouHowever, you will be able to make 21 guesses about the words.

TheRules of the game are the exact same, except that the words can be anything. American EnglishLanguage andThere are no first clues. OnceIf you make a guess, it will be counted as a guess for all 16 words andThe tiles will be able to change their colour. TheIt can change colours to grey, yellow, or green. This lets you know if your guess is correct. andIf it is correctly placed within the word.

Sedecordle - How To Play
Sedecordle – How To Play

AsThis game can be difficult. We have some tips for you. andThe answers are below to help you solve them.

(*16*)Sedecordle 102 Words Hints Today (May 26, 2022)

HereThese clues are for all sixteen words Sedecordle 102 today.

Hint 1: HereThese are the beginning letters of each word:

  • Word 1: (*16*)S
  • Word 2: L
  • Word 3: (*16*)F
  • Word 4: (*16*)I
  • Word 5: (*16*)O
  • Word 6: T
  • Word 7: (*16*)H
  • Word 8: S
  • Word 9: (*16*)T
  • Word 10: (*16*)S
  • Word 11: (*16*)S
  • Word 12: A
  • Word 13: (*16*)A
  • Word 14: W
  • Word 15: (*16*)C
  • Word 16: C

Hint 2: HereHere is a description or clue of all the words:

  • Word 1: AnAssembly of the clergy andSometimes, the laity may also be included in a diocese of another division of a particular parish Church
  • Word 2: GoodbyePresent
  • Word 3: TheCentre of interest or activity
  • Word 4: FeelingOr characterized with great anger.
  • Word5: A female reproductive system in which ova and eggs are produced. andOther vertebrates as a couple
  • Word6: A medicinal substance that is used to increase energy or well-being.
  • Word 7: Relatingto or characteristic for humankind.
  • Word 8: A small room used as a hot-air or steam bath for cleaning andRefresh your body.
  • Word 9: EachA set of enamel-coated, hard, bony structures found in the jaws most vertebrates. These structures are used for biting and chewing.
  • Word 10: AnAn ointment to promote skin healing or protection.
  • Word 11: Havingbeen used andIt cannot be used again.
  • Word12: A short statement or proverb that explains a general truth.
  • Word 13: (OfTwo or more people (or things) may be similar to one another.
  • Word 14: Mark(letters and words or other symbols) on a paper surface with a pencil, pen, or similar implement.
  • Word 15: AnA sudden occurrence of enthusiasm for a certain activity or object can cause excitement andPopularity is short-lived but widespread.
  • Word 16: AnPublic announcements made by an officer in a court or justice.

(*16*)WhatIs the (*16*)Sedecordle 102(*16*) Answer Today? (May 25th, 2022)

HereAre all the answers. Sedecordle 102Today’s release May 25th, 2022:

  • Word 1: (*16*)SYNOD
  • Word 2: (*16*)LATER
  • Word 3: (*16*)FOCUS
  • Word 4: (*16*)IRATE
  • Word 5: (*16*)OVARY
  • Word 6: (*16*)TONIC
  • Word 7: (*16*)HUMAN
  • Word 8: (*16*)SAUNA
  • Word 9: (*16*)TOOTH
  • Word 10: (*16*)SALVE
  • Word 11: (*16*)SPENT
  • Word 12: (*16*)ADAGE
  • Word 13: (*16*)ALIKE
  • Word 14: (*16*)WRITE
  • Word 15: (*16*)CRAZE
  • Word 16: (*16*)CRIER

AsThe grid for this game can be quite large, so we have only the screenshot of all the answers we used to solve the puzzle. You can see it below.

Daily Sedecordle 102 Answer - 26th May 2022
Daily Sedecordle 102 Answer – 26th May 2022

WellIf you were able to correctly guess all or some of the words, congratulations!

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