Today’s ‘Sedecordle’ 114 June 7, 2022 Answers – 16 Word Game Hints and Solutions (6/7/22)

HereThese are the answers andHere are some tips for the Sedecordle#words114Today, published on June 7, 2022.

SedecordleThis is a relatively new game that uses the same concept as Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, and (*16*). InInstead of guessing one word, two words, four or eight words, the players have to guess. 16Words in one! YouYou will get 21 guesses to solve all the words.

TheRules of the game are the exact same, except that the words can be anything. American EnglishLanguage andThere are no initial clues. OnceIf you make a guess, it will be counted as a guess for all 16 words andThe tiles will be able to change their colour. TheIt can change colours to grey, yellow, or green. This lets you know if your guess is correct. andIf it is correctly placed in the word

Sedecordle – How To Play

AsThis game can be difficult. We have some tips for you. andThe answers are below to help you solve them.

Sedecordle 114 Words Hints Today (June 7, 2022)

HereThese are the clues that we have for all 16 words Sedecordle 114 today.

Hint 1: HereThese are the first letters of each word

  • Word 1: B
  • Word 2: B
  • Word 3: S
  • Word 4: S
  • Word 5: P
  • Word 6: C
  • Word 7: H
  • Word 8: T
  • Word 9: T
  • Word 10: F
  • Word 11: B
  • Word 12: P
  • Word 13: U
  • Word 14: P
  • Word 15: P
  • Word 16: F

Hint 2: HereHere is a description or clue of all the words:

  • Word 1: A grooved ring holding the cover of a watch face or other instrument in position.
  • Word 2: PerformThe first part of (an activity or action) is completed.
  • Word 3: HaveA strong, unpleasant smell
  • Word 4: A simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.
  • Word5: A bagpiper.
  • Word 6: CausingOr intended to cause laughter.
  • Word 7: TheWomen who live in a Harem; the wives or concubines (or both) of a polygamous male.
  • Word 8: A strong ringing sound such as that made by the plucked string of a musical instrument or a released bowstring.
  • Word9: A formal examination by a judge of evidence, usually before a jury to determine guilt in a case of civil or criminal proceedings.
  • Word 10: The rough silk enveloping a silkworm’s cocoon.
  • Word 11: AnIntensive or sudden military attacks
  • Word 12: HavingA pouting expression, appearance, or expression.
  • Word 13: InA town or city that is related to or characteristic.
  • Word 14: AnImage created by light falling onto a photosensitive surface
  • Word15: A smooth, creamy mixture of liquidized fruit or vegetables.
  • Word 16: A nonstandard spelling of fellow, used to represent speech in different dialects.

WhatIs the Sedecordle 114 Answer Today? (June 7th, 2022)

HereAre all the answers. Sedecordle 114Today’s release June 7th, 2022:

  • Word 1: BEZEL
  • Word 2: BEGIN
  • Word 3: STINK
  • Word 4: SALVO
  • Word 5: PIPER
  • Word 6: COMIC
  • Word 7: HAREM
  • Word 8: TWANG
  • Word 9: TRIAL
  • Word 10: FLOSS
  • Word 11: BLITZ
  • Word 12: POUTY
  • Word 13: URBAN
  • Word 14: PHOTO
  • Word 15: PUREE
  • Word 16: FELLA

AsThe grid for this game can be quite large, so we have only the screenshot of all the answers we used to solve the puzzle. You can see it below.

Daily Sedecordle 114 Answer - 7th June 2022
Daily Sedecordle 114 Answer – 7th June 2022

WellYou were able to guess all the words correctly

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