Today’s ‘Sedecordle’ 93 May 17, 2022 Answers – 16 Word Game Hints and Solutions (5/17/22)

HereThese are the answers andThese are some tips to help you get started. Sedecordle#words93Today, released May 17, 2022.

SedecordleThis is a relatively new game that uses the same concept as Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, and Octordle. InInstead of guessing one word, two words, four or eight words, the players have to guess. 16Words in one! YouYou will get 21 guesses to solve all the words.

TheRules of the game are the exact same, except that the words can be anything. American EnglishLanguage andThere are no initial clues. OnceYou have made a guess. This will count for all sixteen words andThe tiles will be able to change their colour. TheIt can be changed to colours such as grey, yellow, and green. This will let you know if you have correctly guessed a letter. andIf it is correctly placed in the word

Sedecordle - How To Play
Sedecordle – How To Play

AsThis game can be difficult. We have some tips for you. andThese answers will help you solve your problems.

Sedecordle 93 Words Hints Today (May 17, 2022)

HereThese clues are for all sixteen words Sedecordle 93 today.

Hint 1: HereThese are the first letters of each word

  • Word 1: F
  • Word 2: S
  • Word 3: D
  • Word 4: C
  • Word 5: T
  • Word 6: H
  • Word 7: S
  • Word 8: D
  • Word 9: S
  • Word 10: M
  • Word 11: S
  • Word 12: B
  • Word 13: B
  • Word 14: P
  • Word 15: S
  • Word 16: F

Hint 2: HereHere is a description or clue of all the words:

  • Word 1: AnAn area of open ground, especially one that has been planted with crops, pasture, or other agricultural products, is usually bounded by hedges and fences.
  • Word 2: HavingA striking appearance or style, often by being too bright, colourful, or extravagant.
  • Word 3: Unpredictable andPotentially dangerous
  • Word 4: HavingThe shape of a cube.
  • Word 5: A person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth andWithout resorting to violence or threats of violence
  • Word 6: A robbery.
  • Word 7: (OfLiquid in a container) will move irregularly with a splashing sound.
  • Word 8: AnticipateWith great fear and apprehension.
  • Word9: A ghost.
  • Word 10: UsedIt is a common form of address to a male.
  • Word 11: InjureWith very hot liquids or steam.
  • Word 12: AnA isolated hill with steep sides andA flat top (similar to, but narrower than, a mesa).
  • Word 13: A child’s term for a rabbit.
  • Word14: A sacred song or a hymn, especially one of those found in the biblical BookThis is Psalms andUse in Christian and Jewish worship.
  • Word 15: RainContains some ice as snow melts as it falls.
  • Word 16A barrier, railing or other upright structure made of wood or wire that surrounds an area of ground to prevent access or escape.

WhatThe Sedecordle 93 Answer Today? (May 17th, 2022)

HereAll the answers are here Sedecordle 93Today’s release May 17th, 2022:

  • Word 1: FIELD
  • Word 2: SHOWY
  • Word 3: DICEY
  • Word 4: CUBIC
  • Word 5: THIEF
  • Word 6: HEIST
  • Word 7: SLOSH
  • Word 8: DREAD
  • Word 9: SPOOK
  • Word 10: MATEY
  • Word 11: SCALD
  • Word 12: BUTTE
  • Word 13: BUNNY
  • Word 14: PSALM
  • Word 15: SLEET
  • Word 16: FENCE

AsThis game grid is so large that we only have a screenshot of all the answers after we have solved the puzzle.

Daily Sedecordle 93 Answer - 17th May 2022
Daily Sedecordle 93 Answer – 17th May 2022

WellIf you can guess some or all the words correctly, it is a bonus!

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