Today’s ‘Waffle Game’ 116 Answers: May 17 2022 Solution (5/17/22)

(*17*)HereIs the Waffle GameAnswer today to the puzzle 116, released on May 17, 2022.

ThereSince the viral word game’s release, there have been many games that have been made. Wordle. ManyMost spin-offs were very successful, and there is one game we found that is quite unique. ThisThe following is the official announcement (*17*)WaffleIt requires players to change letters on the grid to make words.

TheGrid already has letters and you will need to rearrange them to make words that are correct horizontally or vertically. TheDifferent colours will be used to indicate if tiles are in the right place and in the correct order. WhenA yellow tile crosses between two words. There is a possibility that it could be in either of these words so make sure you check which one it could be.

Waffle Game - How To Play
Waffle Game – How To Play

YouYou have 15 moves to rearrange letters around the grid and solve the six words. IfIf you solve the puzzle with a few moves left, you will receive stars. ThereThis is a brand new WaffleEach day, you will receive a new challenge to complete. You can even change the settings so that it matches your local time of midnight, if you prefer.

OnceOnce you’ve completed the puzzle you can share your results via social media to show how many stars that you earned for the day. EachThe puzzle can be completed within 10 moves. You can have 5 stars per day. ItAlso, it shows you your streak if you copy your results.

(*17*)WhatThese are the Daily Waffle 116 Word Answers Today? (May 17th, 2022)

WeWe will be solving these puzzles daily so that you can get the answers if needed. ForToday’s puzzle has six green tiles, five red tiles, and ten gray tiles. HereThis is what the Waffle 116What does a puzzle look like today?

Daily Waffle 116 Answer - May 17th 2022
Daily Waffle 116 Answer – May 17th 2022

WeHave all the answers Waffle 116If you need help solving the puzzle, here are the meanings of each word.

  • TROLL – (InFolklore: An ugly creature depicted either as a giant or dwarf.
  • TRACT – AnArea of land, usually a large one.
  • LEECH – AnAquatic or terrestrial annelidworm with suckers at both ends. ManySome species are blood sucking parasites, particularly in vertebrates, while others are predators.
  • TOTAL – ComprisingThe total number or amount.
  • OVATE – HavingAn oval or ovoid outline, similar to an egg.
  • LATCH – A metal bar with a catch and lever used for fastening a door or gate.
Daily Waffle 116 Puzzle - May 17th 2022
Daily Waffle 116 Puzzle – May 17th 2022

WellIf you can correctly guess some or all the words, you will be awarded this certificate.

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