Top 3 Jobs to Apply for After Obtaining Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification

The Cisco CCNP Service ProviderIt is possible to obtain certification toYou can prove your expertise with service provider solutions. ThisThis means that certified candidates can be called professionals. toManage service provider networks through advanced configuration.

The process of earning this certification falls into two steps: passing the core (*3*) exam, and one concentration test from the pool of offered tests (300-510, 300-515, 300-535). YourThis is how you will achieve success. CCNP Service Provider certificate. OnceOnce you have this experience, your career outlook will change completely as you become an attractive candidate. for various roles. 

KeepThis article is worth reading toFind out more about the annual wage and responsibilities that you will have if your application is accepted for Network Administrator, Network EngineerOr Network Architect positions.

Top 3 Jobs You Can Apply to Once You EarnThe Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification

  • Network Architect

AsA Network ArchitectYou will be responsible for the company’s network security. YourThe job description will include tasks such designing, implementing and managing security corrective steps when you detect network weaknesses. BesidesYou should be able to offer technical guidance toYour team.

The certbolt Service ProviderWhen you plan, a certificate is definitely worth the effort toApply forThis position is helpful because it helps to learn how toFind solutions for network programmability and automation situations as well as develop personalized solutions that meet the company’s requirements on network stability. According to The average annual payment that you will pay Network ArchitectYou can get stays starting at $124,914.

  • Network Engineer

The certbolt Service ProviderCertificate validates your understanding of advanced network protocols. mentions the average pay forThis is a position that costs approximately $112 455 per year. SomeYou will be responsible for the following: Network Engineer include installing and configuring the organization’s network equipment solutions. AlsoYou will manage any network system vulnerabilities and create an effective disaster recovery process.

  • Network Administrator

IfYou can have what you want toLearn how much you can make as an entrepreneur certboltTake a look at According toAccording to statistics, you could earn an annual salary of approximately $73,918. Your job description as a network administrator will include upgrading, repairing, and maintaining the company’s network systems. AlsoYou will work with network architects toSecurely implement network solutions that are effective.


HiringManagers and recruiters know the value of the certbolt Provider certificate. ItValidates the ability of the candidates toConfigure and implement network technologies. AlsoThis accreditation will increase your self-confidence as you have been assessed by a respected vendor. If you think from a recruiter’s perspective, a candidate with recognized capabilities and a high level of motivation and certboltIt is definitely worth the effort tobe taken into account.

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