Ukrainian refugees connected with UK tech jobs by Fintech Without Frontiers

Fintech Without Frontiers – an industry led-initiative created by Ozone API – has launched a bid to connect Ukrainian refugees withCareer opportunities in the UK fintech space.

WorkingTo fuel growth within the UK fintech sector by harnessing displaced tech talent, Fintech Without FrontiersAlready supported byCompanies such as Moneyhub, RegAlytics, Allica Bank, Monese, Acin, Muse Finance, Ordo, Bloom Money, The Payments Association, Open Banking Excellence(OBE), and Innovate Finance.

Huw DaviesCo-founder and chief commercial officer Ozone API, comments: “It’sIt is heartbreaking to see this situation unfold. Ukraine. We wanted to do something, but we can’t write big cheques like major corporations can. WhatWe can hire talent. ThereThere are many other businesses in the fintech industry like us, so we felt that we could do something good. by creating a collective and working together to expose all the growth opportunities in the industry to the displaced talent when they start to rebuild their lives.”

UkraineIt is a place of strength techTalent and innovation are being channelled by Fintech Without FrontiersTo the UK’s flowering fintech sector, which received investment of $37.3 billion in 202 – up from $5.2 billion in 2020.

Samantha Seaton, CEO, Moneyhub, says: “WeWe all watched in horror, disbelief, as the events unfolded. Ukraine. It’s heart-breaking, and we’ve been looking for ways in which we can help those displaced in practical and immediate ways. The answer lies in collaboration.”

“It’s touching to see the sector come together to create Fintech Without Frontiers so that those feeling conflict have a real opportunity to find employment in an exceptionally high-growth industry,” Seaton continued. “Displaced individuals need to be able to rebuild their lives and careers for a more stable future, and there is a huge opportunity for the fintech sector to help them do just that and have a positive impact.”

Helen Child, founder, OBE, added: “WeBelieve in the true power and potential of community, and you’ll see the collective benefits that collaboration brings. FintechTalent is what makes the company thrive, so there are many opportunities to be resourced by Ukrainian refugeesProvide new perspectives for employers and hope for the brave hearted Ukrainians, who have already taught us so much.”

CompaniesThis support Fintech Without FrontiersSign the manifesto and get work opportunities that can easily be done remotely. with visa support. TheThe manifesto contains pledges to provide fair compensation and to ensure that the appropriate recruitment process is followed. withCandidates who are unable to speak the language or who have experienced trauma during the invasion could be interviewed.

ToFind out more about the roles available in the UK techVisit the sector Finextra Jobs, here.

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