United States of Al Cast: Who Are The Cast in the United States of Al Series?

United States Of Al

David Goetsch Maria FerrariProduced the AmericanTelevision series United States of Al. TheStory depicts Al (Kalyan), an AfghanInterpreter who moves to Columbus, OhioWith his friend Riley (Young), a US Marine Corps veteran. TheShow’s pilot was nominated Outstanding Production DesignFor more information about a Narrative Programat the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Adhir Kalyan Parker YoungLead in theFilm, featuring Elizabeth Alderfer, Kelli Goss, Dean Norris, Farrah Mackenzie.

United States Of Al Cast

Adhir Kalyan Awalmir Karimi
Parker Young Riley Dugan
Elizabeth Alderfer  Lizzie Dugan
Kelli Goss  Vanessa
Dean Norris  Art Dugan
Farrah Mackenzie  Hazel Dugan
Brian Thomas Smith  Freddy
Rachel Bay Jones  Lois
Azita Ghanizada  Ariana
Amanda Payton Holly
Blake Clark Wayne 
John Ross Bowie  Professor Brett Williams 
Patrick Cage Michael
Zarmina Hamidi  Gul Bashra
Wali Habib Zubair
Sitara Attai  Hassina
Susan Ruttan Mrs. Foster, Al’sNeighbor
Riki Lindhome  Chloe
Zadran Wali  Kasim
Nikki Crawford Barbara
Patrick Fischler Clint
Fahim Anwar  Mo
Clyde Kusatsu Doctor Tanaka
Myko Olivier Todd
Johnny Ray Gill  Badger
Cameron Elie  Nate
Jimmy Walker,  Walt 
Hermie Castillo Derek
Erica Hanrahan Lyla
Dayne Jarrah Danny 
Angel Laketa Moore  Mrs. Ro
Deniz Akdeniz  Dirk
Jayma Mays Cindy
Artoun Nazareth  Luke 
Ahan Das Chowdhury Sanjay
George Sharperson Gus 

United States Of Al Cast Name

Adhir KalyanAs Awalmir Karimi

Adhir KalyanIs it a South AfricanActor best known for his roles in theCBS sitcom Rules of EngagementAs Timmy United States of AlAs Awalmir Karimi/’Al’. KalyanIt was London in2005: To continue his acting career, he landed parts as Arjmand Younis in theBBC series Holby City (series 8), in Spooks(Series 5), and as Ramal Kirmani in the Irish network RTÉ One’s Fair City. KalyanAlso, he has acted in several independent films.

Parker YoungAs Riley Dugan

Parker YoungIs an actor from the United States. On ABC’s SuburgatoryHe played Ryan Shay; on Fox’s EnlistedHe played Randy Hill; and so on Bravo’s ImpostersHe played Richard. HisMost recent starring role was in theCBS sitcom United States of America, inwhich he played a former MarineAdjusting to civilian life. YoungAlso, posed for Calvin Klein Tommy Hilfiger.

Elizabeth AlderferAs Lizzie Dugan

Elizabeth AlderferIs an AmericanActress best known for her recurring role in Lynette in the NBC/PeacockComedy series A.P. Bioand her role in Olivia in the NetflixComedy television series Disjointed.

Kelli GossAs Vanessa

Kelli Amanda GossTelevision actress from the United States. She started in the NickelodeonComedy series Big Time Rush (2010–13), where she had recurrent parts. SheMost recently, starred as Vanessa in theCBS sitcom United States of America.

Dean NorrisAs Art Dugan

Dean Joseph NorrisIs an actor from the United States. HeDEA agent well-recognized Hank Schrader in AMC’s Breaking BadFrom 2008 to 2013. NorrisIt has appeared inOver 100 television series and 50 films.

Storyline Of United States Of Al

Riley, a war veteran and Awalmir (Al( AfghanInterpreter who assisted theFormer while serving in the MarinesThese are the best. theFocus of the series. AlGo inWith RileyHe meets his father. ArtAs they adjust to their new lives in Columbus, Ohio. Riley’sDivorce from his spouse VanessaWho has custody? ofTheir only child HazelHe is shown the truth. ToHis friend is also suffering from PTSD and needs your help. AlHe resolves to make it his mission for reunification Riley Vanessa.

Details About United States Of Al

Series  United States Of Al
Director  David Goetsch 

Maria Ferrari 

Genre  Sitcom 
MainLeads  Adhir Kalyan 

Parker Young 

Elizabeth Alderfer 

Kelli Goss 

Dean Norris 

Country ofOrigin  United states 
Language  English 
Network  CBS 
Episodes  35
Duration  20 minutes 
ReleaseDate  April 1, 2021 – May 19, 2022 

Trailer Of United States Of Al


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