Valia Ventures Closes Fund II, at $50M

Valia Ventures

Valia Ventures, New York, San Francisco, LondonThe second fund was closed by a UK-based early stage venture capital company, titled. at $50M.

Valia VenturesII brings together a strategic team of limited partners that includes experienced startup founders, technology executives and international family offices. It also includes institutional investors such as institutional investors. Tiger Global Management.

TheFund will invest up to $1M in the beginning atThe pre-seed stage and the seed stage, with additional capital reserved for follow-on rounds. Thefirm will continue to be generalist in its approach, investing across all sectors, including fintech, healthcare and enterprise software.

LedBy Khaled Jalanbo, Managing Partner, ValiaAlso, the active co-investment programme invests $2M-10M in growth rounds of portfolio companies and select new opportunities.

PortfolioCompanies include Humane, Lendtable, Relativity Space, Selfbook, System.



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