Voxel Raises $15M in Series A Funding

Voxel, San FranciscoStartup in CA that uses computer vision to transform safety operations inThe workplace raised $15M in Series A funding.

TheRound, which brings total equity raised up to $18M was led by Eclipse Ventures with participation from MTech and World Innovation Labs.

TheThe company plans to use the funds for expansion and business expansion.

LedBy Alex SenemarCEO Anurag Kanugo, CTO, VoxelComputer vision technology and AI is used to integrate with existing security cameras in order to identify hazards, risky behavior, and operational inefficiencies across a variety of workplaces. OnceIf an event is detected, such as a spill, speeding car, or ergonomics problem, a real time alert is sent to personnel on the site who can take immediate actions. Voxel’s analytics help sites identify operational inefficiencies and design policies to prevent future issues. These measures allow businesses to reduce worker’s compensation and general liability costs, while improving their operations.

TheSoftware is used in warehousing, manufacturing, retail, transportation, construction, and oil & gas.

TheTeam also includes Harishma DayanidhiHe was the one who invented self-driving cars technology. Uber Aurora; Troy CarlsonFormer software engineer at GoogleOther 30 people.



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