Was There Really a Night Nanny?

DirectedBy Jason Reitman, ‘Tully‘ is a thought-provoking comedy-drama movie. TacklingIt revolves around the complicated subjects of postpartum Depression and the struggle to accept yourself during motherhood. MarloAn exhausted mother has just given birth her third child. AsShe tries to balance her career, her marriage and her three children with different needs but she ends up feeling overwhelmed.

ToHelp MarloHire her brother to help you cope better aNight nanny named TullyShe is transformed by the miracle of God. BothWomen begin to bond deeply and think about each other. MarloFeels relieved Tully’s presence starts making her long for her past carefree self, leading to complications. AsThe movie ends and not only does it sensitize the viewers about its pertinent themes, but also poses very important questions. a few questions. So, let’s try to find out their answers and understand the surprising ending of ‘Tully,’ shall we? SPOILERS Ahead.

Tully Plot Synopsis

‘Tully’ introduces the audience to the chaotic world of Marlo MoreauShe is soon to have her third child with her husband. Drew. SheWorks as aPublic Relations professional and has a hard time managing things at home, mostly due to her spouse’s lack of help. Marlo Drew’s second child JonahAn undiagnosed developmental disorder that causes anxiety episodes due to hyperreceptivity to external stimuli. ThisHe has problems at school and his mother is struggling to take care him effectively due to her due date.

Was There Really a Night Nanny?

Seeing Marlo’s misery, her affluent brother CraigOffers to pay aNight nanny who can ease the baby’s transition. ButShe refuses to accept his help as she doesn’t want to hire aIt is not possible for a stranger to care for her child. SoonShe gives birth to aNamed after a daughter MiaHer responsibilities are tripled. Moreover, MarloShe starts to lose self-confidence and feels disconnected with her baby. AlreadyShe is exhausted and sleep deprivation at the end of her rope and bursts forth at Jonah’s school principal when she suggests moving him to another school.

Feeling defeated, MarloContacts TullyThe night nanny CraigRecommends her and asks her to join. SheIs aYoung 26-year old woman who is proud of her promiscuity, and wants to live her life to the fullest. GraduallyShe and MarloStart bonding, and the former will share all her woes. NotJust that. TullyShe is highly efficient in her job and helps others. MarloGet her back on her feet and feel more confident. While Drew CraigYou will be pleasantly surprised by the changes in Marlo’s behavior, they are aThey are a bit curious, as they have not met the night nanny in real life.

TullyEncouragement is also given to MarloTo reconnect with DrewAs a child, she was able to recognize her desires and fulfill them. ButOne day, she suddenly arrives at work very upset and reveals that she had been having disagreements over bringing multiple men home. When MarloShe asks her to leave and she says she is still romantically involved with her roommate. ToGet her off her worries. TullyIt suggests that she Marlo go for aNight out in the city

Was There Really a Night Nanny?

Though hesitant, MarloWith whom you agree and with whom you leave TullyWithout informing DrewOr anyone. The women drive to Marlo’s former neighborhood in BrooklynEnjoy drinks at aBars in the local area However, Tully then unexpectedly informs her that she won’t be working for her anymore. This puzzles MarloShe has also developed a number of other skills. aShe has a deep connection to her and is completely dependent on her to raise her children. Tully then explains that her purpose of coming to their house is fulfilled, as she was only there to “bridge a gap.”

In denial, MarloSteals aShe rode her bicycle to her former apartment, where her ex-girlfriend lived. TullyFollows her there and tells the baby to go home. But soon, her employer starts to feel pain from her breasts being full. AsThey are far from home. TullySomehow, comfort somehow manages to prevail MarloThey then drive home.

UnfortunatelyBoth women feel tired and drowsy. Marlo ends up sleeping on the driver’s wheel. SheShe is suddenly woken by an approaching car and maneuvers her vehicle away, only for her car to be swept into the river. Tully. There, MarloShe imagines herself as aA mermaid who is often found in her dreams. TheMermaid TullyAs she passes out, he assists her to get out of the car.

Tully Ending Explained: Was There Really a Night Nanny?

When MarloAfter her accident, she wakes up in hospital. TullyVisit her to say farewell. Shestates that they can’t be together any longer Marloshould learn to let go the past and concentrate on her present with her husband. TullyThis is how it works MarloShe must regain control over her life and she would do just fine without her. Elsewhere, the hospital’s psychiatrist tells Drew that his wife’s accident was caused due to extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

Was There Really a Night Nanny?

When DrewHe begins to fill out forms for insurance. It dawns on him that TullyIt is actually Marlo’s maiden surname. PiecingIt is clear that AKA is the night nanny. TullyIt was just aFigment of Marlo’s imagination, that was created to comfort her from her troubled mental state. After she delivered JonahShe was suffering from postpartum Depression, which most likely returned after giving birth. Mia’s birth. When MarloShe began to feel overwhelmed by her overloaded schedule and began to imagine herself in the future. TullyHe was soon a household name. aHer savior.

While DrewHis wife confirms that he is outside the room. TullyShe is her 26-year old self. SheShe realizes she must stop wishing for the past and make amends in her current life. ThusShe assures TullyShe will find that everything will be okay as she gets older. aLast farewell. With this, MarloLet go of the fictitious night-nanny who serves as an emotional crutch until then.

Do Marlo Drew Remain Together?

OverThe years have been Marlo Drew’s marriage suffers from monotony and the responsibilities of two children. WhenThey have an unexpected third child, and the distance between them grows as they struggle to secure financial support for the baby. Furthermore?, given Marlo’s deteriorating mental health, she stops feeling energetic enough to spend time with her husband, let alone establish an intimate relationship with him.

Was There Really a Night Nanny?

Meanwhile, DrewSilently longs to be near MarloShe hesitates to tell her the truth due to their growing workloads. NotHis wife is annoyed that he doesn’t help at home because he goes on so many work trips. InShe also feels sexually unsatisfied, and resorts to watching erotica in order to keep herself busy. After MiaIt is born MarloEven more exhausted, and no time to even talk to anyone else Drew, increasing the gap between them. HoweverThings change for the best when TullyArrives and Takes Mia’s responsibility.

Slowly, MarloShe begins to return to her old self and is more involved in the family’s life. Oneday, she also shares with TullyAbout her and Drew’s lack of intimacy. TullyIt is suggested that they perform one of their sexual fantasies and she dresses up as it. aWaitress at a restaurant aCostume MarloHad been bought. SheShe then follows her to the bedroom, and initiates. aThreesome with Drew Marlo. HeAlthough a bit shocked by the situation, he is still happy to reconnect with his wife.

LaterWhen it is revealed, TullyWas Marlo’s imagination, it is proven that the latter was the one who had seduced DrewTo re-establish intimacy among them HeHe realizes how terrible his wife is going through mentally, and he apologizes to her for being absent. HeTells her that he loves and will work with her to improve their marriage.

After aFew days MarloReturns home DrewHe takes small actions to help his children and show his appreciation for wife. ThusThey save their marriage and give it another chance. OnAnd, of course, even Marlo Jonah’s equation improves.

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