Wayne, Patrice, or Andre? Theories

TheSecond season of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ begins with the death of Mayor Tydell Ruffin. Upon Ruffin’s death, Wayne KyleAssumes the role of interim mayor ChucalissaJusqu’à l’élection. WayneHe initially believed that no one in the city would challenge him, but he was proven wrong twice. Pastor Patrice WoodbineAnd Wayne’s associate Andre WatkinsThe election is unpredictable because of the number of candidates who have decided to run. SinceThe future of the city will be determined by the election results. The three contestants will also be impacted. LetLet us know your thoughts about the three candidates. SPOILERS Ahead.

Will Wayne WinThe Mayor Election?

WayneThe interim mayor, Jeremy, prepares for the election believing he will be alone. AsOne of the most influential and powerful people in the country ChucalissaFinancially and socially. WayneHis campaign begins almost as a guarantee of victory. However, Wayne’s attempts to project The Promised LandSetbacks can be devastating for the city’s future. PatriceOnly to be defeated, a candidate for mayor is elected Wayne’s dream project. PatriceHer opposition to the project has been constant, and her influence may be a factor in its outcome. Wayne’s chances severely in the impending election. HeProvoking someone is a mistake Patriceby trying to shut down her church too.

TheMayoral election occurs when there are race relations within the city. orThe country, for that matter, is not in a suitable condition. ConsideringThe murders of BlackIndividuals from all over the country are making it happen. BlackCommunity of ChucalissaYou don’t have to be reluctant to hand over the city’s authority to someone else. White man. AfterAnnouncement of her decision to run in the upcoming election PatriceThere are even discussions about the importance of race relations during the election. This can be a good indicator of what Waynewill be faced with a challenge. EvenAlthough he has sought support from the pastors, the religious voters might choose to vote for him Pastor PatriceOver him.

ThusChances of obtaining a job in the future are higher. WayneIt is not easy to win the election. Still, it doesn’t mean that he will not win the election. WayneOne of the wealthiest individuals in the city, and money always makes an impact. IfHe uses his wealth to influence leaders Chucalissa’s communities to stand by him, PatriceAnd AndreYou cannot retaliate in a similar way, opening up a door for WayneTo win the election.

Will Patrice WinThe Mayor Election?

Patrice WoodbineThe most ambitious and ruthless of the three candidates for the mayor’s office. AsSomeone who has fulfilled the dreams of her own daughter Mercedes WoodbineTo fulfill her desires PatriceThey may go to any length to win the election. Patrice’s trump card is the following she has as a pastor. Shehas the support of an influential portion of Chucalissa’s Christian believers. InHer food bank program has also helped many people who are not financially secure to feed their families. SuchA social acceptance could prove to be a benefit for her in the election.

Wayne, Patrice, or Andre? Theories

Wayne’s efforts to close down Patrice’s church may also become advantageous for her. PatriceIt may be true. Wayne has disrespected the believers in the city by closing down the “home of God” while trying to open the “home of the devil,” a casino. However, Patrice’s acceptance in the city of ChucalissaShe may not be able to win the election if she does not reach beyond the religious communities. ApartFrom God’s teachings, Patrice doesn’t have any resources, that include connections and money, to rewriteThe fate of the city as Wayne can. Thus, Patrice’s possible victory will likely solely depend upon how well she can convince the non-believers of the city to vote for her.

Will Andre Win the Mayor Election?

Andre WatkinsDefying odds to become the mayor of Chucalissa. TheVoters of ChucalissaLearn more AndreAs the godson of Mayor Tydell RuffinThe associate of the KyleBrothers, not one among them. ForThe voters AndreIs an outsider from Atlanta. TheyYou may be unsure if an outsider can manage city affairs. In addition, Andre doesn’t have any connections with the Church to be an appealing candidate for the believers of the city’s communities. However, Andre’s identity as the godson of former mayor RuffinThis could make all the difference in the elections.

Wayne, Patrice, or Andre? Theories

Andremay consider himself the rightful and competent successor to Ruffin after the latter’s death. Ruffin’s decision to keep his house for AndreThis may allow the candidate to declare that his late godfather wanted them in Chucalissato realize his visions and dreams. AsA brilliant orator AndreHe may be able take advantage of public sympathy for his deceased godfather and his family to win this election. AfterThe death of Chucalissa’s first BlackMayor, the voters may want it to remain Ruffin’s legacy by electing his godson. After working for WayneYou can keep it for a long time. AndreHe might also know how to challenge him.

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