We Own This City Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

The third episode of ‘We Own This City‘ continues to tell the story of the corruption within the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. While the episode, titled ‘Part Three,’ showcases the height of corruption within the department through FBI Agent Erika Jensen’s investigation, it also highlights the efforts of the other cops merely trying to do their jobs andKeep the city safe. ThusThe episode offers a contrast in narratives and forces viewers to examine the actions of the GTTF’s officers. If you wish to catch up on the episode’s events and ending, here is everything you need to know about ‘We Own This City’ episode 3! SPOILERS BEFORE!

We Own This City Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3, titled ‘Part Three,’ opens with Sergeant Thomas AllersSpeaking with his lawyer at FBI Detention CenterAfter he was taken into custody, he was also taken into custody by fellow GTTF officers. Allers’ lawyer informs him that the other officers are prepared to testify against their senior in court. Therefore, AllersHe could be subject to severe punishment for his crimes. InWe see 2016 in flashback Daniel Hersl’s superiors informing him of the complaints against him. AsAs a consequence, he has been transferred to another department. At Allers’ behest, HerselThis is the assigned to Gun Trace Task Force.

(*3*)We Own This City Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Later, Hersl joins Allers, Momodu “G Money” Gondo, and Jemell RayamOn his first raid as a GTTF Member. DuringThe police arrested the suspects in the raid Devaughn RobinsonThe accused has alleged ties with drug dealers. LaterThe GTTF raids Robinson’s house andFinds guns in his belongings. DuringThe raid AllersSilently keeps $10,000 belonging to Robinson without his team’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Kevin DavisThe plea agreement is discussed with Nicole Steele. HoweverHe expresses concern over the possible impact of the new mayor on the agreement.

Elsewhere, Agent JensenContinue tapping the BPD police officers Wayne JenkinsEnjoys working as a plainclothes officer. Sean SuiterInvestigates a case of homicide andTalks with officer Jaquan DixonWho offers to help? Suiter. SteeleMeets activist Tariq Touré and gets his perspective on the state of policing in Baltimore. JenkinsHe loves the extra cash he gets from his position as a plainclothes officers. HisSuperiors teach JenkinsHow to create perfect reports to justify excessive force on the streets With Dixon’s help, SuiterAlthough the murder case is solved, flashbacks show that he was also involved with Jenkins andOther corrupt police officers of the BPD

We Own This City Episode 3 Ending: Is SuiterA Corrupt Cop?

TheSecond episode of the series Sean SuiterIn the spotlight andThis video showcases his work in the BPD as a homicide detective. Suiter’s work contrasts that of the GTTF as it is less flashy andIt requires real cooperation with the citizens. HoweverAs viewers witness in the third episode of the series, Suiter’s job has become difficult because of the bad reputation the BPD has obtained in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death. Moreover, the citizens are afraid to speak with the police due to the plainclothes units’ ruthless actions on the streets.

We Own This City Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained
Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO

While Suiter’s character provides a thematic contrast to the show’s narrative, the episode’s ending also provides a moral contrast. InThe viewers are shown the end. Suiter’s past as a plainclothes officer. SuiterWas partnered with JenkinsHis morality as a cop was raised. ItIt was hinted at earlier that SuiterAlso, he worked with Gondo. Gondoridicules SuiterYou will earn significantly less if you work in the homicide unit. DuringA raid on a drug dealer JenkinsInsisted on taking cash from dealers for their own purposes. However, SuiterIt is against the idea. ThereforeIt is obvious that Suiter is one of the better cops in the BPD who cares about the city’s state of policing.

Suiter’s work in solving homicide cases shows his dedication to his job as a police officer. Moreover, Suiter and DixonRepresent the BPD’s good cops who are willing to do their job. Suiter’s situation is juxtaposed against that of the other cops, such as Jenkins and AllersThey believe their work makes a difference in the streets of Baltimore. However, in reality, they are merely filling their pockets as the BPD’s reputation suffers.

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