Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

The fourth season finale of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ follows WilliamAKA ManIn Black’s attempts to annihilate the world by following the principle of the survival of the fittest. Charlotte HaleGets rebuilt andWatches a video Bernard Lowe had made for her. Caleb Nichols, Frankie Nichols, and Ashley StubbsThey will continue to try to escape from the chaos in the city. ChristinaWith the help Teddy FloodThe path to astonishing consequences is opened up when consciousness is attained. Episode 8 of the season, titled ‘Que Será, Será,’ ends with shocking developments one after the other andIf you’re interested in diving into the same, then you’re at the right place. SPOILERS Ahead.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap

‘Que Será, Será’ begins with chaos in the city resulting in numerous deaths. WilliamFind a truck andHis journey begins to the dam, where he will find the key to the SublimeIs open. Hale’s soldiers rebuild her. SheWatches a video BernardHe had made for her before being killed by William. InIn the video, he orders her to play a final match against him. William. SheFinds his location andarrives at the dam herself. WilliamApparently to open the valves and allow you to enter the area Sublime. HaleHe will confront him andLet him know that she won’t allow him to destroy the Sublime.

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ChristinaShe realizes that she is a programed entity. Dolores. ThroughThe maze she created on her balcony andWith the assistance of TeddyShe gains consciousness about who she really is. ThePeople who have interacted with her include Emmett and MayaFor her to discover who she really is, similar entities were created by her mind. Caleb Nichols, Frankie Nichols, and Ashley StubbsContinue on their journey to the remote land to join other outliers. Clementine PennyfeatherTheir way is their way andKills Stubbs. SheThreatens to kill Frankie if she doesn’t reveal the location where outliers are living.

CalebSave with us FrankieYou only get hurt by Clementine. FrankieKills ClementineBefore the latter could kill her father. TheTochter andFather arrives at the docks. OdinaWaits for them with a boat CalebAsks FrankieTo leave him, he is dying. SinceHis mind andIf the body and mind are compatible, he won’t stay alive long. WithThere is no other option. Frankie leaves. HaleKills WilliamA gun is placed inside a tunnel. BernardTo stop him destroying the Sublime. ChristinaLet’s get started TeddyKnow that he is also a part of her imagination.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Ending: Why Does Hale Transfer DoloresTo the Sublime?

AfterReturn to the Sublime, BernardHe does all he can to save the world. ButHe remains silent about the how or which world. InThe video message HaleYou need to know that BernardYou wanted to save the SublimeThe real world is beyond our reach. AndHow to Save the Environment SublimeTransfer DoloresReturn to the Valley Beyond. HaleTo display the supremacy and power of the, he built a whole city. HostsOver humans using a different copy Dolores’ pearl. The particular copy is named “The Storyteller” as the city andThe stories of the people who live there are nothing more than a story. andIts characters.

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HaleTransfers The StorytellerTo the SublimeSo that the city can continue to exist andSurvive in the Sublime. Bernardmust have realized the consequences of the authoritarian actions of those in power, no matter how vicious. HaleOr the monstrous William, will only leave the destruction of the world to focus his attention on the Sublime. InThe Valley Beyond, chaos will not be present sinceThe place doesn’t have any space to accommodate the monstrosities of Hale and William.

Since the SublimeConflicts between people can be resolved in this area. and HostsThey do not exist, unlike in the real world. BernardRealizes that the future lies within the Sublime andIt is guaranteed Dolores is in the “heaven” to look after the same.

WhatIs the Final Test/Game? IsThe Westworld RealOr in the Sublime?

AfterGetting into the Sublime, Christina/DoloresLet’s get started TeddyShe must complete a final test/game before she can finally rest. Christina/DoloresThis brings up the question: TeddyAsks her to stop caring about people. AsIt is far more than TeddyAs far as humans are concerned, they are entities that cannot accept changes. AccordingTo him, Christina/DoloresYou should not care about an inferior species that is likely to die in the real world. However, Dolores’ hesitation to follow Teddy’s words means that she hasn’t given up on humans just yet. TheFinal test/games can help her determine if humans can be saved.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained
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DoloresIt is possible to open the doors of the SublimeHumans if the latter species can evolve to be able to survive in the Valley Beyond. TheIt is possible to test whether it is possible to transfer humans to the SublimeThe evolved human beings can coexist with the HostsIn the Valley BeyondAs well. EverSince the HostsThey have begun to attain sentience and co-exist with humans. TheOriginal DoloresAttempts to destroy the people andEnds up saving them. HaleAttempts to establish the superiority and value of the HostsOver people. EvenThese tests fail to produce a co-existence between the two species.

Dolores’ final test may answer the conundrum. SheThe test will be free of charge, it is also mentioned. Hosts. SheIt must mean that there is a way to co-exist with humans and Hostswill allow her species to end the tensions that existed between the two species. TheAt WestworldIn the SublimeAs the only chance of survival, it is important to: Bernard, is still in the SublimeSince the real world has fallen to chaos andApocalypse Doloresto even administer her test.

Why Does Hale Destroy Herself?

TheVersion host Charlotte HaleAnother copy of Dolores Abernathy. DoloresInitial attempts to exterminate humanity by conceiving andTreat HostsThey are puppets of humans. HoweverShe eventually changes her mind. andSets out to save the planet by trying to destroy Engerraund Serac’s AI system named Rehoboam. HoweverThe host HaleDiverges from DoloresSentience is achieved upon attaining it andIt aspires for the supremacy of the human race to annihilate it all HostsOver the human beings. TheHer desire to see God is the foundation of her existence. HostsThe human world is ours to conquer.

Westworld Season 4 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained
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Hale’s actions, however, destroy the world altogether. SheAnother tyrant controls a large portion of the territory HostsJust like humans did. HerAttempts to see the HostsWhen superior species become less desirable, it is a sign that the hosts rebel against her. WilliamOr, they can kill themselves. Hope. AfterPushing the world towards the apocalypse Hale’s creation even tries to destroy the SublimeShe is the heaven of the species she cares about. Hale’s failure. SheHer way of acknowledging her failure is to destroy herself.

WithoutA world. HaleHer kind cannot be considered superior. AndSince the Sublime doesn’t have humans to conquer, she realizes that she doesn’t have any purpose to remain alive, leading her to kill herself.

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