What and Where is PADRE in Fear the Walking Dead? Why Does PADRE Steal Kids?

The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ principally revolves around theMysterious mystery about PADRE. AfterComing out of Teddy’s bunker, AliciaLeads a large group to PADREWithout knowing exactly where or what it is, is. SheIt is believed that theHer followers will find refuge in place, but it will take their efforts to find it. thePlace is over when theWalker Senator VazquezLeads her andHer people to the Tower. AliciaThen, he thinks that PADRE isIt is not true. However, theSeventh season finale: PADRE isReal through Madison. SoWhat? andWhere exactly? is PADRE? Let’s find out! SPOILERS Ahead.

What and Where is PADRE?

PADRE isA safe community that exists in theUnknown location. AccordingTo Alicia, PADRE is theAfter safety, it is the safest community the nuclear explosions “with plans to rebuild” and “resources to do it.” Through Madison, MorganYou need to know that thecommunity isTo build a new civilization. the future. PADREThe company also adheres to strict confidentiality policies. Even Madison, who has been alive in PADRE, seemingly hasn’t met theAutoritarian figures theYet to join the community. TheA community has enough weaponry andHuman resources to safeguard the same. As Madison indicates, theLeaders andMembers are extremely powerful.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

AliciaIn the beginning, it seems that PADRE is Padre Island in TexasOnly for WillTo remind her that theLocalization isIt is too obvious to be classified. TheSeventh season finale indicates that thecommunity is in LouisianaA different location TexasThis matter has been in my mind since thecommunity is inA radiation-free zone Since Morgan and MadisonThese are taken to PADRE in a boat, there’s a possibility that PADRE isAn island. However, Lea and Frank’s map shows that it isAn inland location is possible, however theCredibility theMap is questionable. ConsideringThat theBoat transport Morgan and MadisonTravel towards an enormous ship PADRE can even be theSame ship.

Why Does PADRE Steal Kids?

PADRE has several “collectors,” including MadisonThey are the ones who take children from the land. Thecommunity is building a new civilization with kids, referred to as “eggs,” without any familial connections. PADREWe believe in the opposite theFamily system andChooses to nourish children without the help of anyone else theTheir upbringing is determined by their community and identity. Considering the community’s policies, PADRE may be trying to build a closed society with “usable” human resources. TheAutoritarian figures PADREStealing can be done theChildren to raise a community that will never question them, even if they’re asked to die.

What and Where is PADRE in Fear the Walking Dead? Why Does PADRE Steal Kids?
Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

It isIt is easy for an authoritarian government to raise a submissive community by imposing discipline measures on children instead of rebelling adults. TheLeaders of PADREYou can do it the same. Since MadisonThe reveals to MorganThat AvaIt is impossible to live in PADREShe explains further after her delivery. the community doesn’t want more adults in it. PADREYou can help build a new world order. theStolen children, possibly drilled according. theNeeds andYou want to theLeaders of the community.

AnotherPossible causes theStealing of theChildren can be PADRE’s desire to build a community strictly for the future. As Alicia believes, PADREThey have unimaginable resources. TheLeaders of theCommunity may be interested in using theChildren who live a longer life expectancy will require more resources. RatherUse other than theResources for people who might die in theThey may want children who live to be in their eighties or nineties for the next twenty-three years. in theThe world to use thethe same to become powerful adults.

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