What Are the Ethnicities of Mohammed Amer and Teresa Ruiz?

Netflix’s ‘Mo’ follows theStory ofA man named Mo Najjar. HavingVivien HoustonFor theBetter part of the past two decades, Mo andHis family is still working to become citizens, while they are going through their own personal struggles. For MoHe is committed to keeping a stable job and maintaining a loving relationship with his wife. Mexican girlfriend, Maria, andAs he becomes more involved in dangerous activities, it becomes more difficult to provide for his family. TheShow has great comedic timing andIt is full of heartwarming laughs, but also focuses upon thematter ofIdentity and roots. For MoHis PalestinianRoots and being a Muslimare important, which presents a problem, especially for his mom. theFaith ofHis Christian girlfriend. IfYou can watch theShow has made you wonder about the ethnicities of Mo and Maria in real life, then here’s what you should know.

WhatIt is the Ethnicity of Mo Amer?

BornIn Kuwait, Mo AmerIt comes from a Palestinian background. HavingMoved to HoustonWhen he turned nine, Amer met a culture shock andIt was a great way to learn. ofPersonality changes and theHe sees it in the best way possible the world. BeingA Muslim andtalking about his culture andGrowing up in AmericaThis is an important aspect of Amer’s comedy. HoweverHe had to let go at one point. ofThis will last for a while. Post9/11, being a stand up comedian andIt was becoming difficult to talk about his religion. SoHe decided to stay away from it, just so he could be on theSafe side. EventuallyHowever, he discovered that it was not a good idea to separate himself from his identity.

“One night on stage I started to talk about my family, my roots … about everything that had happened to us. ItWas theIt was the hardest thing I had ever to do. the audience’s reaction was beautiful. Some of the most brutal receptions I’ve ever had were in the southern states, but it didn’t stop me talking about who I am,” he said, having come a long way from it now. ToExpand thescope ofHis story andTo really get into the details of his experience, he created ‘Mo’. Still, he doesn’t want “theThe whole pigeonholing of being Muslim and funny. I try to avoid it, I’d rather just be a comic whoIt is also Muslim.”

WhatIt is the Ethnicity of Teresa Ruiz?

Teresa RuizIt is of Mexican descent and is Zapotec on her mother’s side. Explaining theRoots of her family, she said, “MyMother is indigenous Zapotec. MyGrandparents never spoke Spanish andMy mom learned this lesson. SpanishWhen she was older. MyFather is a regular Mexican, a mestizo. I grew up listening and learning from my mother. ZapotecIn the house. ItIt was so normal to me. AsA little girl that I lived with OaxacaSo to me, everyone spoke ZapotecOr used an indigenous language andate theI ate native foods like hoja Santa, or dressed. the way I did.”

RuizThe best-known for its playing Isabella Bautista in ‘Narcos: Mexico’, finds being a Mexican ZapotecIt is a huge responsibility to play an actress. “TheStars that I saw in MexicoAs a child, I was exposed to soap operas. andAll these women were white Mexicans — they didn’t look like me. They were the Thalías, the Paulina Rubios, and it wasn’t until I saw SelenaI thought I could accomplish that dream. of being in the arts,” she said. Comparing theOpportunities in Hollywood now to what it used to be before, she believes that “the richness ofThere are many characters available [our] generation is incredible”, but there is still a long way to go when it comes to representation and inclusion. “EvenIf there is a LatinCharacter in a show theVoices are not always as clear. That’s something we need to change by giving more power to writers, creators, andProduces that are Latin American,” she said, being happy to play her part in bringing about that change.

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