What Did Bunny Tell Mabel Before Dying in Only Murders in the Building? Theories

‘Only Murders in the Building‘ returns with another compelling murder mystery for Charles, Oliver, MabelThey will solve the problem using their podcasting and amateur sleuthing skills. In theSecond season theThree is a possible frame for trio theThe murder of Bunny, a resident the New York CityApartment complex known as the Arconia.

While Bunny’s death raises several questions, theOnly a few clues are needed thetrio seems to believe that her last words are the ones she says to herself at first Mabel. IfYou may be wondering what BunnyTelled Mabel right before her death, here lies the answer! SPOILERS Ahead!

What Did Bunny Tell Mabel Before Dying?

In the first season finale of ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ BunnyIt mysteriously appears in Mabel’s apartment during the episode’s final moments. Bunny, thePresident of theBuilding board theBuilding manager, is generally disliked among the Arconia residents. MoreoverShe has a great disdain for Charles, Mabel, Oliver due to theThey cause havoc while investigating theMordes in the building. ThereforeHer presence in Mabel’s apartment is surprising.

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Moreover, BunnyShe is repeatedly stabbed with a knitting needle as she falls onto the ground. MabelAnd then, on her apartment’s floor, creating a pool. BunnySuffers from her wounds and dies. MabelFor his arrest Bunny’s murder. In thePremiere of second season thePolice are forced into freeing MabelThey don’t have theAny evidence or murder weapon against you the young artist. However, MabelCannot get her last moments with BunnyWe see from her head. BunnyTo speak incoherently Mabel right before her death. As Mabel recollects, one of those words is “Fourteen.” In theSecond episode MabelIt is revealed that before you die, BunnyAlso, the word “Savage.”

Thus, Bunny’s final words are fourteen and savage. On the surface, theWords seem a bit random and unrelated Bunny’s death. HoweverBoth words can be used as clues. Charles, Mabel, OliverGet to Bunny’s killer. TheThe word fourteen could refer to theApartment number the culprit. TheWord savage, MabelThese are the points in theThe second episode is referred to as Charles’ father, Mr. Savage. Charles’ father is theThe subject of a highly valuable painting owned by BunnyIt seems that the two seem to be connected theHistory of the Arconia.

Charles’ apartment number is 14C, and his father, Mr. SavageIt was involved inAn affair with Bunny’s mother, Leonora. ThereforeIt is possible that Bunny wasn’t pointing to the killer inThese were her final moments. InsteadShe was warning theTrio about a grave conspiracy within the Arconia. TheMissing painting Mr. SavageSuddenly, it appears in Charles’ apartment in theSecond episode. ThereforeIt is obvious that someone is trying frame it Charles, Mabel, OliverFor Bunny’s death.

MeanwhileA greater conspiracy within the ArconiaThis is connected to Charles’ father and Bunny’s death. FlashbacksShow that Mr. SavageHe was arrested in mysterious circumstances CharlesHe was still a young child. Therefore, theHis arrest could be the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding his disappearance inSolving Bunny’s murder. Nonetheless, Bunny’s final words seem more likeA warning than clues for the trio.

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