What does the Tournament Champion’s Plate do in Lost Ark? Answered

Lost ArkYou can find a variety of rewards and quest items with mysterious uses. the Tournament Champion’s PlateOne of them is. ThisThe item appears important and regal, but does the Tournament Champion’s PlateDo they really serve any purpose at all?

The Tournament Champion’s PlateYou receive a non-consumable item after you have completed the task. the quest “Prove My Worth” in Anikka. ThisAn item binds to your characters, so you can’t move it around your roster. WhenYou can actually sell this item if you have it General Merchant.

ThereThis item should not be kept aside for collection. HoweverSilver is a valuable commodity in theThis item sells at a staggering 30,000 for game Silver. That’s a sizable amount of money, meaning it’s not really wise to keep this item around.

In the KoreanServer of Lost ArkThere was a vendor. in ChangunThat was the exchange of a weapon the plate. However, theThe weapon is not very strong and is not for sale in theNA/EU server in any case. As a result, it’s highly recommended just to sell the item.

That’s all you need to know about the Tournament Champion’s Plate in Lost Ark! BeYou will be happy theSilver you need to spend more in the future.

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