What does “User Not Found” on Instagram mean?

Have you ever viewed someone’s profile on Instagram and seen the “User Not Found Error” message?

Perhaps you have just sent a direct message to someone, but you get an error message when you go to their profile.

Perhaps you searched for someone via Instagram, but the user has not been found.

Multiple causes can occur, but it does not always mean you are blocked.

This article will explain 5 reasons you may have a “User Not Found Error” message on Instagram.

You should clearly understand why the error was made by the end of this article.

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What does “user not found” mean on Instagram?

Instagram’s “User not Found” error means that the user has changed their username, blocked, or deleted their account.

If a user blocks you, you will see the “User Not Found” error when accessing their profile.

Similar to the above, users can change their usernames or delete their accounts. If their account is disabled/suspended, their profile will no longer exist.

Here are 5 reasons Instagram sent you an error message.

The username has been changed.

Instagram’s first warning message is “User Not Found” because the user has changed his username.

You will not be able to locate someone using their old username if they change their username.

If you visit someone’s profile with their old handle, it may cause a “User Not Found” error.

It is because their old username is no longer in use.

If you wish to find the person on Instagram, you will need to search for their new username.

You won’t find their username if you search for it on Instagram.

However, if you find them in the search results with their old username, visiting their profile could result in a “User Not Found” error.

You may need to contact the person to locate them on Instagram.

Ask them for their username and then search it on Instagram.

After you have done this, you will be able to visit the user’s profile without getting an error message.

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You are blocked

If you get the “User Not Found” error while visiting someone’s profile on Facebook, it’s likely that you are blocked.

This is the most frequent reason why you received an error.

Instagram’s most common error is “User Not Found” because someone has blocked you.

You will get the “User not found” error if you block someone on Instagram.

If someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t find them on Instagram.

This means that their username won’t be shown in search results if they are searched.

This is an exception. However, if you’ve previously messaged them or their profile is in your recent.

If someone blocks you and you directly message them, your messages will still show their profile.

However, if you visit their profile using your direct messages, you will receive a “User Not Found” error.

You can also visit their profile in your most recent search results.

Like how you visit their profile via your direct messages, visiting their profile will also result in a “User Not Found” error.

If you get the “User Not Found” error while visiting their profile, it’s likely that they have blocked you.

Account deleted

The third option is for the user to delete the account.

If someone deletes their account, their posts and profiles will also be deleted.

If you go to the profile of someone who has recently deleted their account, you will see a “User Not Found” error.

This means that their Instagram username is no longer available.

If you visit their profile, you’ll see the “User Not Found” error. This is because they may have deleted their account.

Instagram will not allow you to find an account deleted.

You can still visit their profile if you have previously emailed them or if they are in your recent.

However, if you visit their profile, the “User Not Found” error will be displayed.

Account suspended

Fourth, your account might be disabled or suspended.

This means that Instagram has permanently deleted the account.

Instagram will remove an account that has been suspended.

Instagram will remove an account from its profile if it is suspended.

Instagram suspends accounts most often because they have broken one or more of its guidelines.

They might have posted indecent content, which could lead to a permanent ban.

Instagram does not give warnings to accounts that violate their terms or guidelines.

Accounts that receive multiple reports for violating Instagram guidelines or the AI detect it will be removed.

If this is the case, you can visit someone’s recently suspended profile to see the “User Not Found” error.

Account disabled

If you get the “User Not Found” error while visiting a profile, the user has disabled their Instagram account.

Temporary disablement of an account is not the same as deleting it.

If an account is disabled, it will be hidden from Instagram for a while until it is reactivated.

If someone disables their account, their profile and interaction with posts are hidden.

This means that their profile will remain hidden from Instagram until they activate it again.

When you go to someone’s profile, it will display the “User Not Found” error.

How do you know if your Instagram account has been blocked?

You will not be allowed to search for someone’s profile if Instagram has blocked you.

You can still view their profile if you have directly messaged them or in your recent.

You can still access their profile if you have direct messaged them previously.

You will get the “User Not Found” message if you block them.

You can also visit their profile as long as they are in your recent (in Insta search).

If you block your computer, you will also receive an error.

Why can’t an Instagram user be found?

Because they may have blocked you, it is impossible to find Instagram users.

You can use an alternate account to confirm you are blocked on Instagram.

First, log into your main account to search for the username.

If they block you, their account is hidden from you.

To find the profile of that person, create an alternate account.

If you can locate it, your main account will be blocked.

What if I am not blocked from Instagram?

4 Reasons: You can’t find someone you don’t know on Instagram if you aren’t blocked.

The user might have changed their username or deleted their account.

Their account could have been disabled or suspended otherwise.


Instagram is prone to the “User Not Found” error.

This article will explain why you made the error.

These are the main reasons.

  1. The user has changed the username.
  2. You have been blocked
  3. Their account is deleted.
  4. Instagram suspends their account.
  5. The user has deactivated their account.

Don’t rush to conclusions and verify the reason with the person.

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