What Happened in the Kitmore Road Raid? Did It Actually Happen?

‘We Own This City’ follows Baltimore’s notorious Gun Trace Task Force theCrooked police officer who used it to gain themselves. ThroughThis detailed narrative spans many years. theHBO miniseries dramatizes rampant crimes committed by police officers, and their subsequent interrogations that put their actions into perspective. in context. Episode3 refers to a specific incident that investigators refer too the Kitmore Road raid. The episode’s end reveals a particularly tragic result of the operation. If you’re binging on ‘We Own This City,’ here’s what you need to know about theIt was a real incident that inspired it.

What Happened in the Kitmore Road Raid?

In the show, the Kitmore RoadDuring sergeant, the topic of raid is brought up Thomas Allers’ interrogation. ThroughFlashbacks, we see thesergeant, who was theHead of the Gun Trace Task Force(GTTF) theTime to raid a home for drugs and guns. With him are detectives Daniel Hersl, Momodu Gondo, Jemell Rayam.

What Happened in the Kitmore Road Raid? Did It Actually Happen?

TheTeam enters theDetaining the couple and their children as they search to find guns at home UltimatelyA few illegal guns have been found, which is why theMan is briefly detained However, AllersAlso, he discovers a large sum of money inOne of the cupboards, which he doesn’t inform his team about. InsteadHe claims to have discovered nothing. Gondo RayamAsk for their cut of the raid.

Later, the investigator questioning AllersNotes that it is most likely because the sergeant didn’t share theloot from the Kitmore Roadraid that his subordinates turned against him and testified against Allers. AnA more terrible outcome is Allers’ actions is then depicted in theThe final moments of episode 3. AsA result of theSergeant stealing the money, the home’s resident, Davon RobinsonHe is unable repay his drug debts. ThisResults in DavonUnpaid debts causing a drug gang member to shoot you.

Did the Kitmore Road Raid Actually Happen?

LikeMany of the incidents in the show, the Kitmore RoadRaid is also based upon true events. Around April28, 2016, sergeant Thomas Allers(pictured below) GTTF members and others raided a residence, stealing more than $10,000 from its occupants. AllersThe false incident report was approved. inWhich theThe amount of money that was seized was not mentioned.

What Happened in the Kitmore Road Raid? Did It Actually Happen?
Image Credit: Baltimore Police

AsIllustration the show, former detectives Momodu Gondo, Jemell Rayam, Daniel Hersl accompanied AllersOn the raid. TheThe residence was located in Northeast BaltimoreIt was occupied Davon RobinsonHis girlfriend and their two daughters, at theTime of the raid. After two guns were discovered in an upstairs bedroom, RobinsonHe was charged with gun crimes. ItIt seems that she was there at the time. theThe money was stolen.

On July 1, 2016, Robinson was released on bail and headed to his grandmother’s house in West Baltimore. AccordingAccording to police reports, he was approached outside by a gunman. theHouse shortly after 3:00 p.m. and shot inHis chest and head. 27-year-old Antwon FrasierHe was later charged with killing. RobinsonProsecutors also claimed that theThe drug debt that precipitated the killing of my father led to my death. Allers’ theft of money belonging to Robinson. FrasierHe was eventually acquitted.

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