What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith? Where Is Presley Brown Now? Phrogging Update

AsAs the name suggests, Lifetime’s ‘Phrogging: HiderIn My House’ delves into theKriminal activity “Phrogging” or living in someone’s house without their knowledge. The crime of PhroggingIt is often frightening for legal residents. andThe LifetimeSeries brings together toA few chilling thoughts from the front andThese are some truly disturbing cases that may even keep you up at night. Interestingly, the episode “Creepy Crawlies” describes the experience engaged couple Timothy and AmandaAfter finding an intruder in their crawlspace, they went through the process andAlso, it takes us through the times when Presley BrownDress a man in your wardrobe. Well, let’s delve into the details surrounding the cases andWe’d love to learn more.

What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith?

Back2019 Amanda and TimothyWe were married for around a year andA half andThey lived together in an apartment together. Portland, Oregon. They both led quite busy lives as AmandaAs a coordinator for a local health care facility Timothy ran a French BistroIn town StillThey were in love and tried their best to make it work. toTake time out of your busy schedules to take the time to do this. andSpend some time with your partner.

Timothy Smith

IncidentallyTheir wedding is fast approaching. Amanda and TimothyIt was the best decision. toYou can invest in a house. InterestinglyTheir realtor even offered them a great deal within their budget. andThe couple believed they had struck the jackpot. EventuallyThey moved in to the house in June 2019, andThe next month Amanda and Timothy’s loved ones threw them a wedding shower. HoweverOnce they got back from the shower, they discovered a box. andA laptop propped up against their vehicle. TheThe box contained some really sharp knives. andAs they entered the house, the couple were shocked to learn that the house was not their home. andHalf-eaten cupcakes were found on the kitchen counter. Surprisingly, a missing game system andThere was a large tarp in the garage that neither of them owned.

Subsequently, TimothyTry it toOpen the door toTheir bedroom was locked when they discovered it. NeverthelessHe and AmandaUsed a spare key andYou entered the room toIt is in complete chaos. ThereThere were many objects scattered all over the place. andThe walls had enough holes for a man to fit through. toPass through. Besides, the second bedroom that was used as the entrance toThe crawl space was also destroyed. andThey soon discovered that someone was living in their crawl space. Although TimothyHis courage was gathered andEnter the crawl space toInvestigate, all he found was an abandoned cat. Still certain of someone else’s presence, the pair decided toRetire andFor help, call the police

What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith? Where Is Presley Brown Now? Phrogging Update
Amanda Smith

OnceThe authorities arrived and conducted a thorough search andArrest Ryan BishopThe crawl space was home for a person named “Kelly”, andEven dressed in Amanda’s clothes. RyanWas incidentally from Vancouver, Washington, andAlthough he was not charged with 1st-degree theft, and 1st-degree criminal mischief. HePled guilty toThe charges andWas sentenced to2019: 36 months probation Thankfully, Amanda and Timothy’s bond grew stronger because of this incident, andTwo months after the incident, the couple tied the knot. AlthoughThey prefer toThey should keep their current location secret for obvious reasons. toYou can still be together andHappiness is a way of life.

Where Is Presley Brown Now?

Interestingly, Presley BrownIt was only 11 andShe lived with her parents in OklahomaShe discovered an intruder living in her wardrobe. TheShow that the OklahomaNative was a good student andAmong her friends, she was also very popular. MoreoverShe even had a strong bond with her parents. andBeing an eleven year old was the best thing for them. HoweverNothing could have prepared her to the shock that she was about to experience. toGet in November 2016.

What Happened to Amanda and Timothy Smith? Where Is Presley Brown Now? Phrogging Update
Presley Brown

OnA day in November 2016, PresleyWas busy on her cell phone andHad just decided toRelax in a hot shower. IncidentallyA mirror was placed in front of her entrance. toHer walk-in closet andFrom the bathroom, one could see the inside of the bathroom. InterestinglyThe show even noted that prior toFinding the stranger is the best thing. PresleyHeard some strange things andShe heard creepy sounds from her closet, but she decided to ignore them toYou can ignore them.

Nevertheless, PresleyWas just about toWhen a reflection in the bathroom mirror caught her attention, she stepped into the shower. andShe noticed a stranger in her closet. ScaredThe eleven-year-old started screaming out of her mind, while the man tried his best toSilence her HoweverThe scream proved to be enough and the young girl’s parents came running toHer assistance. SubsequentlyIn his attempt toEscape, the stranger got into an altercation with Presley’s father, grabbed some money nearby, andThe scene was quickly swept away. YetThe police were on his trail andHe was taken into custody immediately. LaterAccording to reports, the man was 26 years old. Race CoxTwo felony warrants were issued against him. toHis name.

NaturallyThe shocking incident left a scarring indelible mark. Presley Brown’s mind, andFor years, she was paranoid about finding a stranger in her closet. BackShe even claimed in 2016 that she no longer felt secure and said, “EveryI think about it every time I go to my bathroom or closet, or my bedroom, or my bathroom. and like I remember how scary it was.” NeverthelessSince the shocking incident PresleyPrivacy is now a part of our culture andIt has a very restricted presence on social networks. SheEven better toKeep her current whereabouts secret, even though it seems like PresleyFor a brighter tomorrow, she is battling the demons in her past.

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