What Happened to Brandi Henderson’s Kid? Where is George Burrell Now? Update

In March 1994, Brandi HendersonIt was one of Henry Wallace’s 11 victims. SheShe was found dead in her apartment in Charlotte, North CarolinaBy her boyfriend. InThe boyfriend discovered their newborn son and it was a terrible turn of events. Tyrece WoodsIn the same room. WhileLucky enough toBe alive TyreceGreat pain during the time HenryHe attacked his mother and him.

ABC News’ ‘20/20: LockThe Door Behind You’ shines a light on Henry’s crimes and the victims. ApartInterview with TyreseThe show also features one with George Burrell, Brandi’s cousin, who was on the phone with her shortly before her death. So, if you’re curious to find out more about them, here’s what we know.

What Happened to Brandi Henderson’s Kid?

In March 1994, BrandiWith whom? Verness Lamar WoodsTheir son, TyreceIn an apartment in Charlotte. TyreceIt was around ten months in that time. On March 9, VernessThe 18-year-old left home at 5:15 PM to go to work, leaving her behind. BrandiLeaving the child alone at home. When VernessLeft, the front door was locked. ButWhen he returned around midnight, the house was still open and the living area was in chaos.

VernessRushed to Tyrece’s bedroom toYou will find him lying on the bed, gasping for breath and holding something in his mouth. TheIt was quickly removed by father and he noticed a pair of shorts around. Tyrece’s neck. Then, Vernesssaw BrandiFace down on the bed, towel around her neck. SheBlue, and he placed her on to the floor to perform CPR after calling 911. But sadly, Brandi had been dead. ItIt was obvious that someone had attacked and killed. BrandiAdditional information toTry to toKill TyreceBy strangling him.

HenryHe confessed to being arrested later that month. toThe murder. HeMentioned wanting toKill BrandiEarlier but not yet VernessHe was at home. Instead, Henry killed Jean BaucomAnother woman lives in the same apartment complex as you. HeHe returned later, when he was more informed VernessYou would be at work. HenryThe pretense of giving some thing led to the occupants of the house entering the house. to Verness. OnceHe asked for something inside. toDrink and then choke BrandiAsk her toGo toThe bedroom.

HenryHe said he had sex in public with him BrandiIn her bedroom Tyrece’s bedroom while she held him. ThenHe used a towel to wipe everything down. toThe 18-year-old should be beaten toDeath after. HenryInitial offer TyrecePacifier toHe stopped him crying but then choked him with a ligature. OnceThe kid lies down next toHis mother HenryThe robbers pawned the property and bought crack cocaine using the money.

TyreceHe survived and was taken to the hospital. TheLater, the doctor testified that the injuries and ligature caused the child severe pain. NowIn his late twenties TyreceFor the most part, he remained away from the public eye. HeHas been married since 2020, has a son, and lives in the same house as his family. Tampa, Florida. Tyrece has written a children’s book and now owns an apparel store.

Where is George Burrell Now?

George, a cousin to Brandi’s, said that he was on the phone with her when HenryArrived at the apartment. At the time, he didn’t think anything was awry, adding, “I didn’t worry about who was there because she said, ‘Lock the door behind you.’ So she trusted him.” ButHe learned this through a news broadcast Brandi was dead, he was shocked, ” I just could not comprehend that I had just talked to her, and now she’s dead.”

What Happened to Brandi Henderson's Kid? Where is George Burrell Now? Update
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GeorgeYou already knew HenryBack then, I even remembered watching the news about Brandi’s death with him. HeIt was said that HenryIt was successful to console him, adding, “He’s coldly touching me and saying, ‘It’s going toBe okay. I’m sorry that happened.’ and he’s the one who did it.” Ultimately, Henrywas captured and sentenced toDeath, but GeorgeConsidered that the understaffing of police forces contributed to the problem. toThe murders.

InThe end. GeorgeIt was very emotional Henryfinally brought to fruition toJustice and said he was glad that it was over. Today, George still lives in CharlotteAnd maintains a great relationship TyreceHe and his wife. ApartSince then, he has been writing a book about the tragic period. Brandi died. However, George hasn’t published it yet.

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