What Happened To Doug Marcaida On Forged In Fire? Doug Marcaida Injury, Age, Wife, And Instagram – News

What Happened To Doug Marcaida On Forged In Fire? Doug Marcaida Injury, Age, Wife, And Instagram - News

WhoIs Doug Marcaida?

Doug MarcaidaHe is a charismatic man with a strong personality. His black eyes and dark hair color make him a striking figure. Doug Marcaida26 January1966 in the Philippines.“ForgedIn Fire” show is a one-This is-You can find more information at-type show, and its members have very unique personalities. TheThis show’s judges include weapon experts and martial artists. Doug Marcaida. HeIt is one of the most active cast members of the show. He gained this show’s popularity, and DougHas reached stardom. DougSince 2015, he has been a part of this show. Doug MarcaidaBorn in the United States, he is a professional martial artist, knife specialist, and knife designer. Philippines  Doug’s interest in martial arts began at the age of 8, but he did not begin formal training in the skills until he was 16. 

What HappenedTo Doug Marcaida?

History Channel’s famous reality competition series titled ‘ForgedIn Fire’ has been regularly telecast since 2015. Theseries also marks the premiere onscreen airing of Doug Marcaida. HisSuperior skills in plotting knives, and expert training Filipino martial artform KaliThis made him an ideal choice to serve as judge on the show. TheThis series follows bladesmiths while they work on crafting the best weapons. TheFinal products are evaluated on their design, toughness and sharpness as well as ease of use. DougAs a martial art instructor and margin impact weapons specialist, he tests the weapon. TheFans of the show look forward to his spectacular demonstration. 

What Happened To Doug MarcaidaOn the ForgedIn Fire show? 

In 2017 ForgedIn FireSeason 4 episode 4, fans were shocked at what they saw Doug MarcaidaWith an arm sling TheThe martial artist revealed that he suffered an injury to his right hand in 2017 that had a negative impact on his ability to function. DougHas served in the United States Air ForceContractor for the U.S. Army. In addition, DougConducts seminars and training to share knowledge about combat styles worldwide. 

Doug Marcaida Injury

ManyFans turned into the ForgedIn FireShow to See Doug Marcaida’sArm slinging HeA small post was posted on his official website Facebookpage stating that an injury occurred around four months ago, which he referred to as a “boo.”-boo.” WhateverThe injury was: MarcaidaIt was affecting his ability to do certain tests on the show. DueThis is a limitation of our abilities. MarcaidaHis arm was amputated to fix the problem.

Doug Marcaida Age

Doug MarcaidaIs now 56 years old. MarcaidaFrom the USA, moved to the USA PhilippinesUpon joining the U.S. Air Force. HeSince then, has provided military forces like the US Force Recon Marines, Spetsnaz Unit Alpha, and the Belgian Special Police. HisHe improved his skills and became a border guard.-Impact weapons specialist, which was a skill he used in his later years. Next, DougJoined the FOX knife club, an Italy-Based knife-Making company, wherewith Lad Mandiola. Heco-The DART XT is a small, curved blade. 

Doug Marcaida Wife 

DougHe married his girlfriend Joelle DougWho is a nurse in Rochester, New York. Doug MarcaidaAnd his wife JoelleThree children. JoelleA registered nurse is based in Rochester, New York. JoelleReceived the Ella Hollister AwardIn 2012, and worked for Rochester General HospitalAs a nurse. Doug’s wife is three years younger in age than him. JoelleHe is now 53 years of age. TheThree sons for a couple Alex, Douglas, Jaden. AlexHis father helps him with his business. DouglasIs a U.S.Marine. 

Doug Marcaida Instagram 

Doug MarcaidaHis followers number 436k InstagramOfficial page. HeMany things were written about his martial arts, such as “CrushedW DamascusYou can find the Kortada KnifeBy Ricardo Villar”,  “A different artistic impression of the Kortadadesign” and “Went and got him a new manicure”.


Doug’s Martial Arts Carrer

CareerWe know that he taught armed combat training with U.S. Military and was first trained in Kali.HeUses knives, batons and sticks as weapons. KaliIt falls under the same umbrella of martial arts. ArnisAnd Eskrima. InitiallyIt didn’t have a traditional belt system such as Kung FuOr KarateWith the belief that being proclaimed a master in KaliIt was absurd because no one could ever master an art. InAdditionally, there are concerns about achieving a rank that could lead to difficulties. KaliThe use of blades in the art of knifemaking could have serious repercussions. 

Doug Marcaida Net Worth

Doug Marcaida’s net worth is $300,000. DougOfficial website of his blog. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also your own Youtube channel. HeHis followers number 436k InstagramOfficial page. He joined Twitter2011 HeMore than 500k people follow him on Twitter  Facebook page.  


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