What Happened to Elly’s Sister in Borrego? How Did She Die?

‘Borrego’ is a thriller movie about Elly (Lucy Hale), a botanist who finds herself fighting for her life while working on a project inThe desert is close San Diego, California. TheFilm directed and written by Jesse HarrisThe choices are highlighted in. EllyMust make to survive after TomasA drug smuggler takes her hostage. ThroughoutThe film teaches viewers more about Elly’s life, and a tragic past unveils itself.

Elly’s emotional connection toHer half-sister is revealed just before the climax and the shocking nature her death sets up an exciting ending. ThereforeViewers need to be curious toFind out more about the fate Elly’s sister in ‘Borrego.’ IfIf you are looking for answers to the same, you will find everything here to know! SPOILERS BEFORE!

What Happened to Elly’s Sister?

From the opening scenes, ‘Borrego’ closely guards Elly’s past. HoweverIt carefully drops subtle hints regarding a tragedy. toHer sister. Elly’s sister does not appear inThe movie is first mentioned in EllyShe hears her mother’s voicemail on the phone. TheScene sets are cleverly used to highlight the close bond between them EllyHer sister. However, her mother’s words overwhelm EllyThis is a sign that the botanist is running from painful memories.

What Happened to Elly’s Sister in Borrego? How Did She Die?
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Later, EllyWitnesses a plane crash and is held hostage by the pilot who survived. Tomas. TomasHe was on his route toDeliver a drug consignment to the airport before the plane crashes. HeUses Elly’s help toReach his destination. TowardsThe end of their journey EllyTells TomasAbout her sister. SheRecalls that they were half-sisters but were very close. However, EllyHer sister is always her focus inIt is the past tense that confirms that her sister has died.

How Did Elly’s Sister Die?

DuringHer conversation with Tomas, EllyShe reveals that her sister wanted to marry her toBe like her. EllyShe describes her sister as smart and funny, confident, and funny. However, EllyShe was awkward and anxious in her teenage years. AsAs a result, she began toTook drugs and was always under the influence of some substance. Oneday, her sister enquired Elly toDrive her to school. DespiteNot having slept for three consecutive days Elly agreed. OnThe way to school, EllyRed light was flashed. While Elly doesn’t detail the incident beyond this point, her words imply that the sisters were in a car accident. InThe accident EllySurvived her sister’s death.

What Happened to Elly’s Sister in Borrego? How Did She Die?

GivenThese are the facts Elly blames herself for her sister’s death. TheTragic incident leads to EllyLeaving home and finally arriving inThe small town is involved in a botany project. While Elly’s sister is not named nor appears inThe movie is filled with her presence. Insteadto show the death Elly’s sister through a flashback sequence, the film relies on Elly’s narration of the events. ThusThe death of Elly’s sister is more hard-hitting and explains the mental and emotional state of the film’s protagonist. InThe end. Elly makes peace with her sister’s death and prepares toContinue on in life.

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