What Happened To Hansel Emmanuel Arm? Who Is The One Arm Basketball Player?

What Happened To Hansel Emmanuel Arm?

When Hansel EmmanuelHe was six years when a wall fell upon his arm and crushed him. HeHe was trapped under it for over two hours, and he had to have his arm amputated below the shoulder. Hansel has seen this as a blessing from god and said, “GodEvery day has a purpose. I live. HisMission, what? He”Will you help me in this life?” HeBefore he lost his arm, he was a baseball player. 

Who Is The One Arm Basketball Player?

Hansel EmmanuelIs it a Dominican High SchoolBasketball player. HeIt goes to  Life Christian AcademyIn Kissimmee, Florida. HeHe became famous after videos of him playing basketball went viral. ThereThere were several clips of him throwing passes and dropping the ball, even though only one arm. HeWhen he was young, he lost his arm in an accident. 

Hansel Emmanuel Highlights

TheBelow is a compilation of videos. Hansel Emmauel’s highlights: 

Hansel Emmanuel Offers

Hansel EmmanuelReceived his first Division1 Offer starting at Tennessee StateIn August 2021. AfterThis MemphisAlso, he was offered in February 2022. HeBorn in Santo DomingoIn the Dominican RepublicHe was raised in Los Mina. His parents were Hansel Salvador DonatoAnd Katia “Katy” Domínguez Pérez. 

Hansel Emmanuel Ranking

Hansel EmmanuelHas earned a reputation as a solid member of the team. HeHas received offers from schools such as Memphis, Northwestern State, Bethune-Cookman. HeIt is ranked 234th in the prospect class for 2022. On3 Recruiting Prediction MachineExpects him to go to Memphis. TheTigers have a 73.8% chance of landing Hansel Emmanuel. 

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