What Happened to Kristen’s Egg in Evil? Where Is It Now?

‘Evil‘ season 3 brings a fresh challenge to KristenWho is unable to cope? toWhile balancing her motherly responsibilities, she also works for the church. AsAs the story progresses, a subplot from previous seasons is re-examined. RSM FertilityA clinic that continues to provide quality care toReturns are as mysterious as ever toThe story and Kristen’s past with the clinic comes to light. AsThe result is KristenClinic learns about a missing egg. IfYou may be wondering if KristenTracks down the egg and explains what happened toIt is all here. to know! SPOILERS BEFORE!

What Happened to Kristen’s Egg?

Dr. Kristen Bouchard is one of the protagnists of ‘Evil.’ SheIs a religious skeptic who doesn’t believe? inThe existence of monsters, devils. Kristen’s daughter, Lexis Bouchard, was born at RSM clinic using Kristen’s frozen eggs. However, after Lexis’ birth, KristenShe loses track of the eggs that she gave to the clinic. EventuallyIt is now known that the RSM clinic’s children have demonic abilities. Hence, Kristen becomes determined to search for her missing egg.

KristenHer lawyer reveals that one of her eggs was donated toA woman named Valerie. After meeting Valerie, KristenRealizes she is attached toThe fetus growing inside of the woman. However, Valerie’s husband brutally kills the fetus inA state of trance. While KristenThe incident traumatized her, she attempts to make peace with it and tries to get over it. toContinue on in life. HoweverThe third season finale revealed that ValerieDid not receive Kristen’s egg. Instead, Kristen’s egg is still out there and could fall into the wrong hands.

Where Is Kristen’s Egg Now?

The third season finale, titled ‘The DemonYou can find the End,’ finally delivers the answer about the fate of Kristen’s egg. In the episode’s final moments, KristenLearn that according to the fetus’ autopsy reports, the baby wasn’t born from Kristen’s egg. AfterFinding the dark chain of details is difficult. Kristen’s lawyer succeeds inFinding an address that was used toPurchase Kristen’s egg. After KristenWhen she arrives at the address to find the office of DF (the company her mother works for), Sheryl, works for.

What Happened to Kristen’s Egg in Evil? Where Is It Now?

As Kristen watches the office’s animated employees arrange a party, she sees a pregnant woman. MoreoverThe woman is revealed Leland Townsend’s wife. HenceThis scene is a sign that Leland’s wife is now pregnant after using Kristen’s egg. TheA shocking revelation completely transforms Kristen’s world on its head. InThe season’s final part is KristenShe is concerned that her egg might end up in the wrong hands. HoweverNot even in her wildest dreams must’ve KristenImagine that her egg would be a gift for her. Leland Townsend’s hands.

Kristen LelandSince the beginning of the first season, they have been at odds. LelandEncourage others by partnering toCommit evil acts and is Kristen’s professional rival. InIn the third season, he tries to toWed. Kristen’s daughter, Lexis, toTake over a demonic. Hence, Kristen is already worried about her family’s safety. Therefore, seeing LelandIt is unlikely that he will allow her to use her egg to fulfill his evil plans. Kristen. HoweverViewers will be able to see the video. toYou can still catch the fourth season! toFind out the truth about Leland’s plans.

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