What is Adak Island’s Population? Do People Live in Adak Island?

When RussianSeal poachers and pirate captains Gregory Dwargstof150 milk canisters or cans of milk containing gold coins were allegedly buried in the area. AlaskanWilderness in1982, he did this for his own personal gain. HoweverAs carefully explored on Netflix’s ‘Pirate GoldOf Adak Island,’ since he passed away mere weeks later, his estimated $365 million treasure —if it does exist— isThese are still available for purchase.

The MayorThis beautiful, yet run-down town has recently assembled a team elite experts to hunt the same inA desperate attempt to save his house from total economic collapse. So now, especially considering how bad things have admittedly gotten, if you wish to learn the details of this area as well as its undeniably sparse population, we’ve got you covered.

What is Adak’s Population?

NotOnly is Adak IslandNear the westernmost corner Alaska’s Aleutian archipelago inThe Bering SeaIt is possible, but it is not recommended. isActually, it’s closer JapanIt is more than it isTo the west coast of United States. That’s seemingly one of the reasons it was transformed into a military base during World WarII, even though it was closed in1997: The unexploded ordnance that was left behind continues to impact its daily operations.

As if that’s not enough, Adak isLarge earthquakes, severe cold temperatures, strong winds and extensive cloud cover can make it difficult to even see a few. in front. ItIt is obvious that this is the case Kuluk BayThe total area of the city is 127.3 sq. miles. Over 120 sq. miles are land, and the rest almost 5 miles are water. isNot for the faint-hearted. The NetflixOriginal also stated that it does not have supermarkets and that its vegetation is not for sale. is mainly tundra, and there’s only a single operating restaurant in the entire vicinity, meaning there’s not much anyone can do here at the moment.

That’s why a myriad of Adak’s residents have relocated over the years — according to the official Decennial Census, the region’s total population went down from 326 in2010 to 171 in 2020. Moreover, as per Mayor Thom Spitler inThe series has not seen any significant changes. inThe time has passed and there are only 45 remaining citizens, and all of them want to see their community rebuilt. “Adak has had its share of challenges,” Thom said. “I became the Mayor 10 years ago to turn this place around… There’s no way inHell in this town is going to die on my watch. It’s why we’re looking for this treasure.”

What is Adak Island's Population? Do People Live in Adak Island?

ThomAnonymous Adak native through and through, continued, “FindingThe gold would be used to fix up some of the infrastructure that is in disrepair and to reenergize the economy. ThatWould help to bring people back in.” ThereforeIf the treasure is found, isEver recovered, 95% will be dedicated to the island alone, while the remaining 5% will equally be distributed amongst the expedition group, of which there are five members. Mayor/bomb disposal tech is a crucial part.

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