What is Leo Baker’s Net Worth?

Although Leo Baker (formerly Lacey Baker; born November 24, 1991) didn’t have a perfectly stable life while growing up in Covina, CaliforniaSkateboarding was his constant companion. ItSo it is no surprise that, despite all he has gone through professionally and personally, he still chose to explore in detail. Netflix’s ‘StayOn Board,’ he’s still an active action athlete. So since we know he’d essentially started working as a teenager, let’s find out more about his career trajectory as well as his earnings to uncover his overall estimated net worth, shall we?

How Did Leo Barker Earn His Money?

LeoHe was just two or three when he started skating after watching his foster brothers have fun and do different tricks on a small ramp in their backyard. He actually received his first board shortly after, and even when he returned to his mother’s care, he managed to continue thanks to her utmost support, as per the documentary production. It began as a way for him to enjoy while escaping the family situation because they “hardly had anything,” but he realized he could provide financial backing as soon as he enrolled in competitions.

“My mom would drive me to competitions once a month,” LeoAuthentically admitted in the Netflix original before adding, “that was like a majority of my teen years. Then I got sponsored.” He later continued, “[My mom] was injured and on a workman’s [compensation] and sh*t, and so a lot of the income was, like, on my skating. In2008, at Maloof Money CupI won $25,000 [for 1st place]. That’s what we lived on.” InAlso, it will be more than a decade since 2006 Leo’s focus was on competing since he genuinely loved the sport and thought there was no other alternative.

WhetherIt be the Mystic Skate Cup, The X GamesThe Street League, or Exposure Pro StreetAmong many other events, LeoIt was performed and is often ranked high almost everywhere. HeHe did take a break after some of his sponsorships failed to materialize and he was able to work as a graphic design in Los AngeleHe was a s, but the corporate world couldn’t keep him fulfilled in the way that he wanted. HeSo, it was moved to New York CityHe was officially made a professional, and he continued to win titles from the Woman’s TeamThat isUntil 2020 Tokyo Summer OlympicsThe picture was taken by him.

LeoHe realized that he needed to embrace his true self and he began to focus on street skating after coming out as a transmasculine, non-binary individual. (pronouns : he/him/they/them). He later even established Glue SkateboardsAlongside Cher StrauberryAs well as Stephen Ostrowski — close friends, fellow skaters, and artists — to expand his message of queer acceptance. WeShould mention the Olympic TeamThe NYC had been launched by the resignee before. Skate Projectas an intentional safe zone for trans and queer people, as well as cis-women.

Leo Baker’s Net Worth

WithHis competition history, business records, and sponsorships are all by Nike, Mob Grip, Pawnshop Skate CoIt seems like. Leo Baker’s net worth isIn the Price range: $1.5-$2 MillionRight now. HisFeature in Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Mother’s Daughter,” in legendary Tony Hawk’s video games, as well as in the NetflixDocumentary on her personal life, reportedly contributed greatly to the same. As if that’s not enough, the fact he’s evolving into a musician and public figure with partnerships with different brands also essentially ensures this amount will only rise a lot higher with time.

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