What is MENTOR in The Pentaverate? Who Voices Mentor?

Netflix’s ‘The Pentaverate’ follows old-timey journalist Ken ScarboroughHe crosses paths with an old society while searching for a news story that will change the world. When KenLearn more about the powerful group known at The PentaverateHe decides to infiltrate the group. HoweverThe ancient order is rich in ancient practices and otherworldly technology, all of which are presented through Mike Myers’ distinctive comedic lens. OneOne of the most fascinating characters (who also plays an important role). in the show’s finale) is MENTOR. Here’s everything you need to know about MENTOR from ‘The Pentaverate.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is MENTOR in The Pentaverate?

MENTOR isFirst introduced in Dr. Hobart Clark, The Pentaverate’s newest (and soon to be murdered) member, isGiven an introduction to secret society. OlderMembers tell their members how flabbergasted they are Dr. ClarkThat MENTOR isA supercomputer that stores all of it. The Pentaverate’s ancient knowledge and then some. DepictedA triangular screen has one eye inside and is surrounded by another. MENTOR isActually, a computer with a soul. ThusIt isYou can do more than just use a computer. isA living being with a personality.

What is MENTOR in The Pentaverate? Who Voices Mentor?

Of course, the show’s biting comedy isn’t too far behind, and MENTORUnfortunately, he is a crude human being with the soul and personality of a brute. Boston resident. ThusFor the most parts, MENTOR isA grudging assistant who is uncooperative and can be ill-tempered The PentaverateThey are regaled with shockingly bad language.

AsAs the show progresses we learn more about the supercomputer. Itwas invent by the late member Jason EcclestonBecause of its incredible computing power and knowledge, MENTORAll information on the internet can be controlled by you.

When Bruce BaldwinThe rogue turns and tries to sell MENTORTo the highest bidder, he claims that the supercomputer can allow its user create their own truth. Of course, not too many of the world’s leaders are impressed by Baldwin’s proposition and abandon the auction, leaving behind only the most unscrupulous buyers.

Ultimately, MENTORIt reaches its end when Ken isselected to add a new life to the supercomputer. TheOriginal foul-mouthed soul isThe overly nice and the trashed CanadianKENTOR is formed by a journalist and a supercomputer. Interestingly, MENTOR’s appearance, which isIt is essentially a triangle with one eye inside. isA replica of The Pentaverate’s logo (also seen on the show’s poster). ItThe symbol is also known as The EyeThis is ProvidenceThis has been associated with conspiracy theories, secret societies and the like. FreemasonsThe Illuminati.

Who Voices MENTOR?

MENTOR isVoiced by stage and screen actors Gregory Hoyt. TheThe actor brings some serious, foul-mouthed comedy into the role. MENTOR isThe supercomputer appears to be an active member of the human body in one eye. The Pentaverate.

What is MENTOR in The Pentaverate? Who Voices Mentor?

Hoyt has a long list of acting credits, including shows like ‘Klaus’ inHe plays the titular role. He has also appeared on ‘Panske & McShane,’ ‘Sundays,’ and ‘Greek.’ His film credits include ‘J. Edgar,’ ‘Life With Dog,’ and ‘Bedroom Story.’

Interestingly, HoytIt has been a long-standing character in Samuel Adams commercials, playing the part of “Your Cousin From Boston.” ThisUndoubtedly, it rubs off MENTOR in ‘The Pentaverate,’ givingThe supercomputer a strangely exaggerated yet authentic Boston persona.

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