What Type and Brand is Debora, Woody Harrelson’s Car in The Man from Toronto?

In Netflix’s action film ‘The Man from Toronto,’ Woody HarrelsonThe titular assassin is portrayed by a female fitness center employee named Teddy Jackson (Kevin Hart) to fulfill a high-profile mission. DirectedBy Patrick HughesThe film isA stylish extravaganza featuring power-packed action sequences andThe Man from Toronto’s machismo. OneSomething that lifts Toronto’s presence isHe named the car that he drove, the captivating car. Debora. WhileYou are certain to be fascinated by this video. DeboraOne must wonder which type of cigarette one is looking for. andbrand isThe car. WellLet’s share all you need to know about the same.

What Type and Brand is Debora?

Debora is1969 Dodge Charger Road/TrackA muscle car manufactured by Dodge, a subsidiary ChryslerCurrently, it is known as Stellantis. AccordingTo Burt Bouwkamp, one the engineers who worked behind the Charger, ChargerThe result was Dodge’s intention to create “a [Plymouth] Barracuda type vehicle.” In1966, The Charger made its debut. DesignedBy Carl “CAM” Cameron, Charger was competing against AMC’s similar automobile Rambler Marlin. In 1968, DodgeIntroduced the Road/TrackVersion in R/T ChargerEnhanced engines andUpgraded suspension and tires and brakes.

InThe film, Man from TorontoUses the 1969 edition Dodge Charger R/T. TheThis particular edition comes with a new grille that has a center divide andLigned taillights The1969 was also the golden year for automobile Chargercars since the edition was very well-received. The1969’s 1969 model featured a 440 CI V8 and heavy-duty suspension. ChargerThis is a stunning creation Dodge. TheCompany also introduced special editions to the model in 1969, inBoth R/T andRegular variants. TheIts uniqueness has made it one the most recognizable models AmericanThe greatest muscle cars ever made.

The1969 was a year of fame Dodger ChargerR/T rose from1979 because of its appearance in CBS’ action-comedy series ‘The DukesOf Hazzard.’ In the show, the characters drove the orange variant of the particular model, nicknamed “the General Lee.” ForAccording to reports, 300 cars were built for the stunt scenes. TheShow andThe 1969 film was made famous by the 2005 film titled “Eponymous Film”. ChargerOne of the most famous automobiles onscreen. In 1978, DodgeStopping the production Charger cars. TheModel was adopted by Dodge Magnum, a large Chrysler B platform-based 2-door coupe.

What Type and Brand is Debora, Woody Harrelson's Car in The Man from Toronto?
Image Credit: NR Classics/YouTube

The rise inPopularity of the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T due to the model’s appearance in ‘The DukesOf Hazzard’ has also resulted in the model’s price. AccordingAccording to sources, the car isPrimarily priced between $45,000 to $55,000 and $120,000. ThePerformance andIt is a place of elegance that offers the best. isEvident in ‘The Man from Toronto,’ makes the car worth every penny of its price for car enthusiasts.

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