What Was XXXTentacion’s Net Worth At the Time of His Death?

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo OnfroyThe popularly known as theXXXTentacion (or simply X) was a rapper and songwriter who was born and raised in Florida. HisGrandmother Collette JonesHis mother was struggling with her personal issues and his father played an integral role in his education. XXXTentacion first heard music formally at the age of 14. the school choir and later church choir. HoweverDue to his alleged physical altercations, the he continued to get into trouble and was finally kicked out of the choir. However, theHis life was transformed by the experience of being in it. of his juvenile detentions, XXXTentacion started writing music.

At theTime, no one could have predicted that he would go on and become one. of theMost streamed artist on the planet and die at the young age of20 before he could fully realize his musical potential. The Hulu documentary ‘Look At Me: XXXTentacion‘ explores theLife of theLate rapper and offers an intimate understanding ofHe was as real as he appeared in person. PeoplePeople who are fans of his music or were introduced to him by others theDocumentary might wonder how much he has made in his short career. IfYou are one ofFor those people, we have you covered.

How Did XXXTentacion Make His Money?

AfterHis introduction to music was through theXXXTentacion, a choir, became interested in nu-metal, hardrock, and rap. HeHe also learned to play the guitar and piano, while his struggle with mental illness and emotional strife became evident. theHis inspiration for his songs. HeHis career began with the song ‘News/Flock’ which was followed by theRelease of other works like ‘The Fall,’ ‘Members Only Vol. 1,’ ‘Members Only Vol. 2,’ ‘Willy Wonka WasYou can find more information at Child Murderer,’ and ‘Lookat Me’ in theThe next years will be even better.

What Was XXXTentacion's Net Worth At the Time of His Death?

Out of all these, ‘Lookat Me’ was theIt was the most popular and has received hundreds of accolades ofMillions of views on different online platforms and cemented XXXTentacion’s position as one of theMost reputable artists of the modern-day. SoonMajor-label scouts flocked here the young superstar offering lucrative deals. HoweverXXXTentacion, which values creative control, has signed a deal the Empire Distribution. In 2018, the rapper released his second studio album titled “?.” Songs like ‘Sad!,’ ‘Moonlight,’ and ‘Hope’ were loved by fans worldwide and were streamed hundreds ofMillions of times.

Around this time, XXXTentacion had become a huge star and was working hard for his future albums, especially “Skins.” ButBefore his third album was released, theOn the night of the talented artist, he was assassinated June 18, 2018. TheIt was a shock to his fans and other musicians who knew about it. theThe rapper still had so many things to offer the world. When “Skins” was later released that year, the lead single ‘Bad!’ managed to make it to number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the same year, his debut album “17” won the Favorite Album – Soul/R&B award at American Music Awards. HeAlso, the Best New Hip Hop ArtistBET Hip-Hop Awards2018 His fourth and final album, “Bad Vibes Forever,” was released in 2019, along with the collaborative album “Members Only, Vol. 4.”

XXXTentacion’s Net Worth

XXXTentacion’s net worth at theTime ofHis death was expected to be around $10 Million. AccordingTo the real estate records of 2018, theThe rapper had spent a total of ofFour properties worth $1.7 Million South FloridaFor his family members shortly after his untimely death.

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