When and Where Does Beauty Take Place?

WrittenBy Lena Waithe, ‘Beauty’ follows the story of a girl named BeautyHe is a musical prodigy. AfterShe has been preparing all her adult life to become a singer when her father gives her a contract with a record label. Beauty’s mother, however, doesn’t yet want to let her young daughter go out into a cutthroat industry. TheThe film is about the turmoil in her family where everyone seems to be pulling for her advantage.

TheStory looks at life in the music industry from a raw perspective and intimate lens. Through BeautyWe see the struggles andThe compromises one must make to succeed in an industry that is full of wolves waiting to tear you down. WhileThere is enough tension in this story. The setting helps to put the high stakes of it all into perspective. LocationAs we witness a significant shift in the world, it becomes an important part of the story. Beauty. SimilarlyThe music of the film is determined by the time period andThe career path of the protagonist. Here’s what you should know about its setting.

WhenIs Beauty Set?

The events in ‘Beauty’ take place sometime in the early 80s. TheThe scene before is a concrete marker of the story. BeautyShe moves into her new apartment New York. A montage sums all the key aspects of the era. One of these is the 1984 PresidentialCampaign of Jesse Jackson. TheIt is also evident in clothing and cars that decade is a significant factor. and technology. WeSee more BeautyPlaying loudly on vinyl andEnjoy them in solitude on a Walkman. IfThe songs will play on the TV, but not that. ThereYouTube is not available. Internet, no smartphones. TheTelevisions are small andThey have a vintage 80s vibe to them. TheThe only way to communicate is via landline phones.

AnotherThe closeted nature of the characters is a clear indication that the film is not set in the present time. Beauty’s sexuality. SheIs in love with JasmineShe continues to be chinned by her family for it. HerParents want BeautyBreak up with her WhenHer career begins to take off and her manager suggests that she keep her relationship with him. JasmineA secret. ThisThis shows that her family is not against her queerness. Society, as a whole, also has a negative view of queer artists. WhileAlthough things are better now, it was difficult for LGBT+ people to be themselves in front the world.

WhereIs Beauty Set?

When and Where Does Beauty Take Place?

While the show doesn’t directly acknowledge the location, there is some inference we can draw from the film’s parallels to the life of Whitney Houston. HoustonSource: New JerseyShe spent her childhood in places such as Newark and East Orange. FromIts appearance is stunning. BeautyThe same goes for. New Jersey area.

InWe see the limitations of her world from her hometown. HerHer family is the center of her life. and Jasmine. ThisShe reveals that she grew up in a small, safe community. HerAs she moves to new places, her surroundings change dramatically New York andMoves into an apartment Jasmine. HerShe is open to new opportunities as a career counselor and new people. WeShe will soon leave the confines of her family behind. andHer town andBe more at ease with yourself

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