When does the new Battle Pass for Fortnite come out – chapter 3 season 3 leaks

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Battle PassIncluded when the newOne is available and skin leaks.

We’re finally at theEnd of Fortnite chapter 3 season 2. The seasonLaunched on March20th, 2022 with a few of new features. BothMantling and tactical sprint were added to the list. the new season launched.

AlongWith theTwo newGame mechanics EpicRemoved building for ten days in theThe core game modes are still available, but players can still build on them. Arenas. The seasonIt was a great start the newMap changes and mechanics, but the following patch updates didn’t provide much new content.

For theOver the past few weeks, players waited. for the seasonTo the end. (*3*), the seasonToday will be the last day of the campaign the CollisionThe event will end at 9 PM BST/ 4 PM ET.

We’ve already had a number of leaks for seasonThree, including one that was showcased the skins that’ll be available in the new Battle Pass. We’ll go over theIt seems that skins are finally coming in the new Battle PassAlong with information about when the newOne will be available in Fortnite.

Release Date for New Fortnite Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass for FortniteLaunches at theStart of a new season. Although Epic Games haven’t confirmed theRelease date for chapter 3 season 3They confirmed this. seasonAfter 2 ends, the Collision live event.

TheAfter that, servers will go down the event until theNormal time new seasonUpdates or new releases WeThere is no doubt that there will be a prolonged downtime. DataMiners have also confirmed the assertion. the new seasonTomorrow will be the start Sunday, June 5th, 2022.

ThatWhat does it mean? the new Battle Pass for FortniteWill come outOn the same date, June 5th, 2022. WeTeasers should be used to confirm this once again the event ends.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 3 Battle Pass leaks

NeedlessSpoilers are ahead, it is true. We’ve covered this before, but forPlayers are unaware and looking for leaks for chapter 3 season 3, the Battle PassIt was apparently leaked to 4chan.

If theImage is real, which seems very probable Darth VaderIn the new Battle PassAlong with Indiana JonesAs the not-so-secret skin along with a few other outfits, one of which can be “assembled”.

Here’s a look at theLeaked Battle Pass for chapter 3 season 3:

New Battle Pass for Fortnite Leak chapter 3 season 3

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