When is the release date of Core Keeper The Sunken Sea update?

Core Keeper’s first major content expansion has been revealed, The Sunken Sea. ThisUpdate will add a new biome, and a host of other features ofNew items theGame, and many more improvements and modifications that will drastically change how you play the game. ThisGuide explains when The Sunken Sea update will be released, so you know how long you’ve got to wait before you can dive for long lost treasure.

What is theExact releaseTime of Core Keeper The Sunken Sea update?

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At theTime of writing, theOnly the most concrete details are available about when The Sunken SeaUpdate will release is that it’s coming at some point in June 2022. ThisIt could be at theStart or End of the month. We don’t have any historical data to make an accurate guess, so for this first update, we’ll have to take the releaseWindow of JuneWith a pinch ofSalt and look out for additional details. the time. It’s unlikely that the dateDevelopments will cause the slippage PugstormA much-requested feature, dedicated server, has been released by the company earlier in the year. theYear in addition to a time-limited Easter event.

What is The Sunken Sea update?

The Sunken SeaUpdate adds a plethora ofNew content Core Keeper. AccordingTo theOfficial roadmap theUpdate, it will introduce a biome full of large water bodies. It will require a new traversal system called boats to explore this biome. ofWater is the ultimate treasure. HoweverPlayers will have to battle four new types of enemies in the process. There’s even a new titan boss, the most formidable enemies in the game.

NewMap markers will make it easier to traverse, and new weapons make it easy to kill enemies while searching for a different type. of ore. PlayersYou can also use the latest base building parts to improve your home and teleport to help you get around. FinallyThis update adds a new tier. ofUpgrades theJewelry workbench, something that gold-hoarders will be delighted for.

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