When is the release date of the Top Gun: Maverick experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

TheExpansion highly anticipated Microsoft Flight SimulatorBased on theFilm Top Gun: MaverickSoon, they will be available. Here’s when to expect its releaseOn Xbox One, Xbox SeriesX/S and PC

TheNo cost expansion based on theA new movie will be released this Friday May25 Microsoft Flight Simulator players. You’ll soon be able to take to theAs far as the skies Maverick the gang inThese high-speed military jets.

As the DLC isTo be slated releaseWith the release of the Top Gun: Maverick flick, theThis was the day when expansion was halted theMovie throttled beyond its original 2021 theatrical release date. TheFilm will now releaseTwo days after the Top Gun: Maverick experienceFly into orbit on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

NotMuch isWhat do you know about? the incoming update, but we expect you’ll be able to fly inMultiple aircraft can be based on the franchise. We don’t know if you’ll be able to use the ship’s weapons, but as Microsoft Flight Simulator hosts quite a tranquil world, we expect that won’t be the case.

If you have a phone for gaming and don’t use consoles or PC, you can play Microsoft Flight SimulatorOn Xbox’s cloud streaming app with Xbox Game Pass. If you decide to try it out, we’d recommend getting a BluetoothFirst, enable the controller.

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