Where Are Audun and Stine?

DirectedBy Martin Sofiedal, Netflix’s Norwegian film ‘Blasted’ follows a corporate employee named SebastianHe invites his client. KasperTo his bachelor party to close the deal. Sebastian’s friends Audun, Pelle, and MikkelAs they arrive at the mountain town of Mountain Valley, you can join them. Hessdalen. TheUnexpectedly, friends meet a group of possessed beings (referred to as aliens), who attempt to kidnap them.

TheScience-fiction film ends AudunHis courage to save his friends Sebastian and MikkelHe will risk his life to protect himself from an alarming threat. When Sebastian andOthers believe so. AudunThe film’s mid-credit scene offers a shocking revelation. LetLet’s do the same! SPOILERS BEFORE.

Where Are Audun and Stine?

WhenThe alien creature emerges from its chamber. SebastianTo escape the cave, set up a laser blast. EvenEven though the creature is injured by the explosion, it recovers to attack Sebastian and Mikkel. AudunSaves his two friends from the creature by arriving at their rescue andAsks them to leave. In no time, the creature’s spacecraft gets separated from the cave andIt is a farewell flight. Sebastian andOthers believe so. AudunIt is dead. StineDue to the explosion in the spacecraft, he passes out. On Sebastiana and Josefine’s wedding day, the friends reminisce about Audun andHis supposed sacrifice.

HoweverThe mid-credit scene shows that Audun and StineThey are not dead. They are still inside the spacecraft, which is going to the alien creature’s home planet. AfterLetting Sebastian and MikkelEscape from the creature AudunYou may have fought it valiantly. EvenAlthough it is unlikely that you can kill it with an ordinary gun, AudunIt is possible that he was able to force it back into its chamber with the gun. This could explain how he survived.

SinceThe creature is still breathing. Audun and StineThey may be able to become aliens once again. Since they are going to the creature’s home planet, being aliens may even turn out to be advantageous for them. ConsideringThat the creatures andThe possibility of aliens being telepathically connected increases the chances that they will survive on the new planet. They are unlikely to be considered external threats and therefore appear to be telepathically connected. Audun and StineYou may be able to escape the wrathful spacecraft creature by becoming its disciple, especially after. Audun’s provocation and attack.

Where Are Audun and Stine?

The mid-credit scene also leaves ample scope for a ‘Blasted’ sequel. The potential sequel can begin with the spacecraft reaching the alien creature’s home planet. If Audun and StineThey may even survive as aliens andEven better, contact them Sebastian and Pelle. ConsideringThat is the fate of KasperWhile the question is ambiguous, we can still look forward to the duo teaming up with him, if possible. Audun and Stine may take advantage of the aliens’ advanced technology to return to the planet Earth andTheir efforts to do so could shape the future sequel.

IfThe creature continues to contemplate Audun an enemy and StineWe can expect tensions between them to develop, according to its disciple. SurvivalIt could be a difficult task AudunIf his only company on the spacecraft becomes a threat, he will also be a threat to his own life. If KasperIf he is still alive, he might team up with AudunHow to deal with the creature andIts possible disciple. ConsideringWe can see that all these possibilities are possible, and we can say that the middle-credit scene sets a stage for an interesting and potential sequel. InIn any way Audun and Stine’s dynamics change, we may get to see the mysterious world of the alien creature if a sequel gets greenlit.

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