Where Are Brenda Groene’s Mom and Sister Today? Update

Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Investigates: Groene Family Massacre’ chronicles the work that went into bringing Joseph DuncanTo justice. TheA convicted sex offender began a terrifying crime spree in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. HeBrutally murdered Brenda GroeneHer son, andBefore she kidnapped two of her children, her partner was her accomplice. Brenda’s mother and sister, Darlene Torres and Brandy HoaglandThe show features, andDiscuss how your family dealt with everything. So, let’s find out more about Darlene and BrandySo, let’s get on with it!

Who Are Darlene Torres and Brandy Hoagland?

BrendaThe oldest of the four daughters was born to Darlene. The40-year old was born andIncreased in Coeur d’Alene andThe incident occurred on a rural farm property that was close to the city. May 2005. ByThen, she was divorcée. and had been dating Mark. AccordingTo Darlene, BrendaHe was a person I have known since childhood andThey were planning to marry soon.

TheFamily members first heard about the tragedy via the news, but only later did they find out which of their loved one had died when the police arrived. OnThe show. Brandy talked about how the family didn’t get a moment to grieve the loss of Brenda, Slade, and MarkThey had to do everything to find it. Dylan and ShastaThe two younger girls who were kidnapped.

SeveralWeeks passed until ShastaWas found at a diner in Coeur d’Alene, andShe was taken there by her captor. Joseph Duncan. ItIt was bittersweet, as the family learned later that it was a bittersweet reunification DylanHad been killed. ButThey were delighted to have them Shasta back. Brandy said back then, “ItIt is the most incredible feeling after going through the last seven weeks of being so worried. ItIt’s an incredible feeling to hold her in your arms and actually see a smile on her face right now.”

Ultimately, JosephHe was convicted for murdering four people and kidnapping andSexual assault Shasta. RegardingThe loss Dylan, DarleneHe stated that he was always there for his friends. Shasta and added, “Oh Lord, it’s hard to explain. The empty, loneliness, pain of how he died … hurt will last the rest of my life; it goes deep.” When JosephShe felt that justice had been served when she was sentenced to death.

Where Are Darlene Torres and Brandy Hoagland Today?

During Brandy’s victim impact statement, she talked about her niece, Dylan, adding, “HeHe was very affectionate, he was a little teddy bear. … It’s been pretty traumatic. It’s just a huge hole in our heart and an emptiness in our life.” TheA family was involved in some legal issues. Steven Groene, the children’s father, sued Brandy2012. SheAdministrator of a donation account established after the kidnappings of the children.

Where Are Brenda Groene's Mom and Sister Today? Update

StevenThis is what it is said to be Brandy didn’t use the money in the kids’ best interests. Today, BrandyLiving in Hayden, IdahoWith her husband Brad, andSpends time with her children and grandchildren. FromWe can tell that she is a consultant for an IT consulting company. AsFor DarleneAlthough she has kept a low profile, she seems to live in a comfortable environment. IdahoAs well.

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