Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Today?

CreatedBy Emmy AwardAward-winning filmmakers James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte, ‘The Big Conn’ is a compelling true-crime documentary series. ItThis article reveals the largest social security fraud. AmericanHistory, wherein KentuckySocial security lawyer based on – Eric C. ConnThe federal government was defrauded of more than $550,000,000 in social security benefits to the disabled.

ToThis entire scheme was executed by the renowned lawyer who sought the assistance from SSA Judge David DaughertySSA Chief Justice Charlie Andrus, Dr. Frederic Huffnagle, and Dr. Alfred Adkins. While Conn and Daugherty were declared to be the main masterminds, let’s find out more about how the rest three were involved.

WhoThese are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins?

Huntington, West Virginiaresident Charlie Paul Andrus, served as an administrative judge for the Social Security AdministrationSince 1986, he has had a hearing office for the (SSA) in his city. HeHe was responsible for making decisions regarding disability claims for social insurance benefits. In 1997, AndrusThe following was appointed: Chief Administrative Law JudgeFor the Huntingtonoffice andAssumed a supervisory role. David DaughertyThere, he was an administrative law judge.

Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Today?

AfterFederal agents raided this office andSecured evidence of an explosive Wall Street JournalArticle by journalist Damian PalettaPublished in May 2011. ItExposed a huge fraud DaughertyBlindly approved all disability claims cases Conn’s clients for a particular fee per case, resulting in the SSA being liable to pay the claimants around $550 million as benefits. MoreoverMany of these cases were not even heard. AsInvestigations began. AndrusHe was dismissed from his position andHe retired in 2012, and he was again able to retire.

HoweverA hearing with a Senate panel in WashingtonD.C. was conducted 2013 Huntington’s SSA office employees Sarah Carver and Jennifer GriffithTestimony: Daugherty and ConnThey were involved in the fraud. AlongThey also include two of Conn’s former female employees also gave their testimonies about their employer’s illegal dealings with the judge.  Meanwhile, AndrusWas asked about the lack of disciplining DaughertyYou are guilty of such a grave abuse of power.

Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Today?

TheTestimonials Conn’s employees further revealed that he solicited two medical professionals named Dr. Frederic Huffnagle and Dr. Alfred AtkinsIn order to falsify medical documentation for disability claims. TheyHis medical reports were written as per his and Daugherty’s instructions andThis led to the ruling in favor his client. NotJust that. ConnUsually searched andEmployed doctors whose licenses had previously been revoked andThey would work for between $225 and $650 per report they made.

Dr. Frederic Thomas HuffnagleHis primary doctor was responsible for the physical examinations and treatment of disability claimants. andUsed to mainly sign the Residual Functional CapacityForms (RCF) are available for them. EachHe would go down to a month. Conn’s office in StanvilleFrom Bowling Green, KentuckyTo perform the examinations on behalf of the clients. HisIn 2005, the license was revoked New York andHe was fined for medical malpractice several times andHe could be sued.

TheOther doctors ConnHired was Dr. Alfred Bradley Adkinsa clinical psychologist, who was working at Pikeville Medical CenterThat was the time. InSimilar fashions are also available HuffnagleHe used to conduct mental disability examinations for claimants andMost people would no longer be eligible to receive social security benefits. PerHe charged him with examination Conn $330-$350.  In April 2016, Adkins and Andruswere indicted with Conn and Daugherty.

Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederick Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Now?

Charlie AndrusHe was charged with conspiracy against retaliation against an informant. InHe admitted in his plea bargain that he knew about the 2011 demotees. Sarah Carverwas meeting with the investigators andInformation about fraud in the HuntingtonSSA office. After Paletta’s article was published, Andrus and ConnA scheme to discredit was devised Carver andGet her fired up by getting her tailed andFalsely filming her in violation of a work from-home program for SSA employees.

Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Today?

AndrusHe pleaded guilty andWas sentenced to six months imprisonment in the next year August 7, 2017. HeHe was also granted an additional two-months of home detention andYou were asked to pay a $20,000 penalty. DuringHis sentencing was overturned and he later apologized. CarverYou can also find them here. AsWe know that he completed his sentence by 2018 andDespite being away from the media eye in Huntington. Meanwhile, Dr. Frederic HuffnagleHe was not indicted and he died on October 5, 2010.

Where Are Charlie Andrus, Frederic Huffnagle, and Alfred Adkins Today?

Lastly, Dr. Alfred AdkinsOne count of conspiracy to mail fraud was brought against him andOne count of mail fraud is wire fraud andOne count of wire fraud LaterDue to his false testimony, one count of making falsified statements was added June 2017 trial.  AdkinsHe then allegedly tried suicide, but his request to have a new trial was denied. HeRefused to accept a plea bargain andWas sentenced to 25 years imprisonment and $93 million in restitution. September 22, 2017. Aged50, he is currently in prison at the Ashland Federal Correctional Institution and won’t be released before August 11, 2038.

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