Where are Cleopatra Bernard and Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy Now?

While it’s undeniable that XXXTentacion was one of the most controversial young musicians a few years ago, the tale of his life andDeath is a mixture between the good and the not so good. andThe ugly. AfterAll, as described in Hulu’s ‘Lookat Me,’ not only was he on the road to success owing to his engaging artistry before his death in 2018, but he was also facing allegations of domestic violence. SoNow that we are aware of his anger, mental health problems can be addressed. and sense of alienation admittedly stemmed from a lack of nurturing at an early age, let’s find out everything there’s to know about his parents, shall we?

Who Are XXXTentacion’s Parents?

XXXTentacion — or Jahseh Onfroy — was born in early 1998 in Plantation, FloridaTo. Jamaican parents, Rastafarian Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy andHis then 17-year-old girlfriend Cleopatra Dreena Bernard. They soon shared custody, but the truth is he was primarily raised by either his grandmother or hired caretakers because his single, working mother “had it hard.” DwayneIt was often in andOut of the picture, X usually only spent time with X during weekends or holidays (while not offering any financial support), meaning it was upto CleopatraTo ensure his overall health and well-being.

Where are Cleopatra Bernard and Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy Now?

“My mom was just in situations where she couldn’t take care of me,” the emo-rapper once candidly revealed, adding that he has been witnessing violence first-hand since the age of 6 or 7. Apart from his parents’ fights andHe was disciplined DwayneAs per the HuluDocumentary: He claimed to have also bit a man after he attacked CleopatraThis time. HoweverThings changed quickly for the worse after XXXTentacion was 10 years old. His father was sentenced to almost a decade in federal jail on drug-related RICO offenses. Arizona.

Jahseh(which means to God Speaks) then began initiating brawls andBefore developing a passion and interest in nu-metal, hardrock, as well as hip hop music, he was expelled from nearly every school he attended. HeBipolar disorder was even diagnosed. Cleopatra to offer him a deal; she would pay for proper studio sessions on the weekends if he stayed in school, yet it didn’t last for long. WithDespite her constant push to him to do better, he still did not succeed. andHis myriad of legal issues (beginning at age 15), she stood by her husband at every turn.

Where Are XXXTentacion’s Parents Now?

Asper Cleopatra’s account in ‘Lookat Me: The Untold Story of XXXTentacion,’ even though she often fought like cats andHer son and her dogs had always shared mutual love and respect. That’s why the musician had named her andHis half-brother Aidenas the beneficiaries of his entire estate. She reportedly does so to the best of her ability to this day. InIn other words, it seems as though the humanitarian of 42 years still lives in FloridaShe lives in the home of her younger son. AidenBut also Jahseh’s assets, his record label, andHis son.

ComingTo DwayneAfter being released from prison in 2015 he fought against immigration for around a year, before finally being deported to his homeland. JamaicaIn October 2016. He thus spent 8½ years behind federal facilities andHe was forced to leave his family and go to prison. AmericaWithout even having a chance to say farewell to his loved ones.

From what we can tell, XXXTentacion’s father has since established himself as an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist in a small town near the capital city of KingstonIn the southeast Jamaica. HeAlso remarried, he welcomed another child into the family. andFinding peace through personal charity to support those with mental illness. WeIt is important to mention that Dwayne even seems determined not to make any needless money using his son’s name.

“[My son]His own rules were developed [when I was imprisoned],” DwayneOnce said. “HeHe developed his own view of life during his teenage years. areComing on. Who’s the male role model? Who’s the male figure that’s going to show him how a boy is supposed to behave at 13?… Who’s gonna teach him how to play football or soccer or basketball? Who’s gonna teach him sporting activities? Who’s gonna show him how to speak to women? HeWould you like to receive phone calls? [from me]. That’s not enough.”

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