Where Are Derek and Alex King Now? Update

In November2001 was a year of shocking crime that gripped the residents Cantonment, Florida, because of the crime’s nature and the perpetrators’ age at the time. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Redrum: Families and Foes’ chronicles how Terry KingHis two sons killed him. Derek and Alex KingThe victims were children at the time. So, if you’re curious to discover why exactly Derek and AlexThat was a drastic step. and what has happened to them since then, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Terry King Die?

Terry Lee KingIt was a FloridaNative born in April1961 Wilbur Eugene King and Thelma Joyce Robinson. HeHe was married twice. One of his wives was Kelly Marino, an exotic dancer during that time. TheTwo sons were born to the couple. Alex and DerekBut KellyThey were six years old when they were abandoned. andSeven years old when he left. TerryTo raise them. HeAs a printer andHe did his best for the children but it was always difficult for them to live.

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On November26.01.2001: Authorities were alerted to an alarm about a fire at a house in Cantonment andThey rushed to get to the area. OnceThey brought the fire under control. TerryInside in his favorite recliner. The 40-year-old’s head was bashed in; he had suffered extensive blunt force trauma to the head. ItIt was evident that TerryHe was murdered. andSomeone tried to set fire and cover up the crime.

Who Killed Terry King?

TheThe authorities began to look for them. Terry’s sons, Alex and Derek12 and13 years of age at the time. TheThe children turned themselves in on the advice of Rick ChavisA family friend. TheThe police learned of the struggle that the boys had to go through as they grew up. DerekInitially, he was sent to live with his foster family. HoweverSix years later, he began acting out and the family decided to send him back home to his father.

Where Are Derek and Alex King Now? Update

TerryIt was poor andThe children spent a lot of time alone or with strangers. RightAfter their mother died, the boys were taken in by their father. ChristianHome andAdoption can be done later. WithinA year AlexWhile he was still with his father, he returned to live with him. DerekThe fall of 2001 was the year that I returned home. AtOne point in November2001: The boys ran from the house andEventually, they became my partner in life Rick. HeEven hid them from! TerryThey were his first search.

TheAn investigation revealed that TerryThey eventually found the boys andThey were taken home. andThe punishment their father would inflict on the teenagers was frightening. In a confession, Derek said, “I was just afraid that once he got both of us back, he would get physical with both of us at, at, both of us at once.” SoThey made the decision to kill Terry. AlexHe admitted that it was his own idea. DerekWas the one who used an aluminium baseball bat to strike Terry.

Alex described the attack in detail, saying, “SoHe hits him with a bat for the first and only time. Sounds about like wood cracking or — hitting concrete or something. AndSo he hits him. andThe bat comes in contact with his head for the third time. Blood comes from — and he keeps hitting with it — then he smashed, he smashed his face in.” ButThe authorities were unable to identify the motive behind the killing.

AlexThey acknowledged that their father provided for them andThey were fed well and clothed. ThereThere have been no reports about verbal or physical abuse. All Alex had to say was, “HeWe were always in trouble and were constantly staring at us. He was using, um, extreme eye contact.” TheThe authorities then turned their attention towards Rick. HeA child molester convicted of being andParticular interest in Alex.

In2002: The boys changed their story. They initially said that RickThey were forced to kill Terry. AlexHe claimed that he and RickOral sex was also allowed andHe said that he believed he was in a relationship with her RickAt one point. InAnother version Alex and DerekIt was claimed that Rick killed Terry andThey were forced to take the blame. DuringTheir initial confession was that the boys called RickAfter the killing. HeThey were taken home. andHe suggested that they tell police the incident was self-defense after they told him.

Where Are Derek and Alex King Today?

TheProsecution decided to try Rick for the murder first based on the boys’ statements. ButHe was acquitted in the murder andThe molesting Alex. HoweverAfter the fact, he was found guilty for being an accomplice to the murder. andWitness tampering. TheBoys eventually confessed to the murder and stated that RickThey were influenced by their decision to kill Terry. TheyHe said that he gave them weed andThey talked about how they could lead easygoing lives if their father was gone.

Where Are Derek and Alex King Now? Update

Derek and AlexPled guilty to third degree murder andArson November2002, after their initial second degree convictions were overturned. While DerekHe was sentenced to eighteen years in prison AlexReceived a seven-year sentence. WhileIn 2005, he was sentenced to time in a juvenile facility. AlexHe tried to escape, but was captured and sent to prison for five years. AfterHis release AlexMoved to Jacksonville, FloridaTo live with Kathy Medico, who supported the brothers during their time in prison.

However, AlexAfter leaving the scene after a car accident, he was arrested. ThisHe violated his probation andHe was sentenced for three years. AlexThen, it was released in December 2013. HeWas enrolled in a community college andTalked about being interested in microbiology. Furthermore, AlexHe spoke out about being with his girlfriend in CaliforniaAfter his release.

AsFor DerekHe then moved to a ranch. Texas andThere were many people who lived there. Dan Dailey, another stranger who came to the brothers’ aid while they were incarcerated. HoweverAfter six months, he quit and moved to Jacksonville, andSince 2013, he worked in a local restaurant. HeWas it to save money to finish college? andPrevious enrollment in the same community college Alex. In2016: It was reported that AlexIn 2008, we moved to the ranch. Texas run by DanSo called Estrella Vista. SinceThe brothers have kept a low profile since then. and it’s unclear what they currently do.

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